Everything You Need to Know About Applying a Rumahwip / Residensi Wilayah in 2024

Everything you need to know about applying a rumawip residensi wilayah

As someone looking to own a home, I know how vital affordable options are. That’s why I’m sharing my insights on applying for Rumahwip, also known as Rumawip or Residensi Wilayah, in 2023. 

This is the guidance to help you understand the process, making your dream of homeownership more attainable. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or just seeking affordable housing, I hope this Rumahwip guidance can help you reach your achievement.


What is Rumahwip/ Residensi Wilayah?

Rumahwip, also known as Rumawip and now rebranded as Residensi Wilayah, is a transformative housing initiative in Malaysia.

This program is a beacon of hope for individuals like myself, aspiring to own a home without the financial strain.

Originally designed as Rumah Mampu Milik Wilayah Persekutan, its primary aim is to make homeownership accessible and affordable, particularly for first-time buyers.

Centrally located in the Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan), Residensi Wilayah projects offer a blend of comfort, security, and modern amenities. These residential units are not just buildings.

They’re gated communities, fostering a sense of safety and belonging. The homes typically feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms, encompassing an area of about 800 to 900 square feet, ideal for families or young professionals.

With a price cap of around RM300K, Residensi Wilayah stands out in the real estate market, breaking down the barriers to owning a home.

The facilities within these complexes, like swimming pools and recreational areas, add to the lifestyle appeal, making it more than an affordable housing option.

This program symbolizes a significant step towards addressing the housing affordability crisis, opening doors to a future where owning a home is a reality, not just a dream.


What makes it So Attractive to Buyers?


The appeal of Rumahwip, also known as Rumawip and Residensi Wilayah, to buyers like myself is multifaceted.

At its core, it offers an affordable gateway to homeownership, especially crucial in today’s challenging economic climate. With properties priced around RM300K, it significantly lowers the financial barrier for first-time buyers and middle-income families, making the dream of owning a home achievable


These developments are strategically located in the Federal Territories of Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan. This prime positioning ensures residents enjoy the benefits of urban living, such as access to employment opportunities, education, healthcare, and entertainment.

Attractive Design

The design of the homes in Residensi Wilayah projects emphasizes both functionality and comfort.

Units typically feature a practical layout with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, catering to the needs of families and individuals alike. Moreover, amenities like swimming pools and recreational areas enhance the living experience, offering a lifestyle beyond basic shelter.


Security is another key aspect that adds to its attractiveness. Being gated and guarded, these developments provide a sense of safety and community, which is highly valued. 

All these factors combine to make Rumahwip/Residensi Wilayah not just a housing option but a desirable lifestyle choice for potential buyers.


Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Rumawip

Things you need to know before buying a rumawip

If you’re considering buying a property under the Rumahwip (Residensi Wilayah) program, here are nine essential things to know:

  1. Program Overview: Rumawip, known as Residensi Wilayah, is a government initiative from 2013. Its purpose is to help lower and middle-income groups purchase their first home. The plan includes developing about 80,000 housing units across Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan within five years​​.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: To apply, you must be a Malaysian citizen, at least 21 years old, and either born, work, or live in any Federal Territory. Priority is given to those without property in Federal Territories. The income limit for individual applicants is RM10,000 per month and RM15,000 for married couples​​.
  3. Types of Housing Offered: The program offers studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units with strata title ownership. Prices range from RM52,000 for low-priced houses to RM300,000 for medium-priced houses. A 10-year moratorium restricts the transfer or sale of the property to prevent speculation​​.
  4. Property Features: RUMAWIP units are sold below market price, typically including parking space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common facilities like a swimming pool and gym. Units come bare, allowing owners to design them from scratch​​.
  5. Locations: Current RUMAWIP projects open for registration include locations in Setapak, Batu Caves, Sentul, Cheras, Kuchai Lama, Taman Desa, and Pudu​​.
  6. Application Process: Applications are made online. Necessary documents include an application form, identity card, income statements, and a Letter of Oath. Successful applicants can be required to pay up to a 10% deposit​​.
  7. Creditworthiness: Maintain good creditworthiness, as 90% of applicants are rejected due to issues with the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) or Debt Service Ratio (DSR) concerns​​.
  8. One-Time Application: If you withdraw from the application process, you become ineligible for future submissions. This is because RUMAWIP follows a ‘one-time off’ application basis​​.
  9. Other Housing Schemes: Besides RUMAWIP, Malaysia offers several affordable housing schemes like PPAM, PR1MA, My First Home Scheme, MyHome, and My Selangor Home, providing various options for potential homeowners​​.


What is The Requirement for Applying a Rumahwip?

Applying for a Rumahwip, also known as Rumawip or Residensi Wilayah, involves meeting specific criteria.

Must be Malaysian Citizens

Firstly, applicants must be Malaysian citizens, at least 21 years old. This program is tailored for those born, working, or living in any of the Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan).

Must not have any other property in the Federal Territories

A key focus of Rumawip is aiding those who don’t already own property in these territories, prioritizing their applications.


For financial eligibility, individual applicants must have a monthly household gross income not exceeding RM10,000. Meanwhile, married couples are eligible if their combined monthly income does not surpass RM15,000.

Additionally, retirees can apply, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Understanding these requirements is crucial for potential applicants to ensure they qualify for this affordable housing scheme​​.


Step-by-Step Guidelines For Applying a Rumahwip to Sign S&P

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you apply for a Rumahwip (Rumawip or Residensi Wilayah) and proceed to sign the Sales and Purchase (S&P) agreement:

  1. Check Eligibility: Confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria, including income limits and Malaysian citizenship.
  2. Online Registration: Visit the official Rumawip portal and create a profile. Ensure your email address is correctly entered for communication.
  3. Property Search: Use the portal to search for properties by name, location, and status.
  4. Apply for a Project: Select a suitable project and click ‘Apply for this Project’.
  5. Document Preparation: Download the ‘Surat Akuan Sumpah’ from the portal. Sign it in the presence of a Judge, Magistrate, or Commissioner of Oaths.
  6. Document Submission: Submit the signed Letter of Oath and other required documents, such as ID, income statements, and utility bills, via the portal.
  7. Application Verification: Review your submitted information and click ‘Verify’ to confirm your application.
  8. Property Assignment: Attend the ballot day, where properties are assigned. You may be required to draw a designated unit number.
  9. Deposit Payment: If successful, pay up to a 10% deposit to the developer.
  10. S&P Agreement: Finally, proceed to sign the Sales and Purchase agreement to formalize your purchase​.


Factors That Need to Be Considered Before Buying a New House

Factors that need to be considered before buying a new house

When purchasing the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah programs, there are numerous aspects to consider. These factors ensure that your investment aligns with your long-term goals and lifestyle needs. 

How Many Residential Units Will be Built Under The Residensi Wilayah

Under this program, there is a significant plan to construct approximately 80,000 residential units. These units are spread across the Federal Territories, encompassing Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan. 

The target is to achieve this within ten years, specifically from 2019 to 2028.

This large-scale project aims to address the housing needs in these high-demand areas, making homeownership more accessible to lower and middle-income groups. 

Completing these units will substantially increase affordable housing options, contributing to the government’s efforts to enhance living standards and provide quality housing for its citizens​​.


Location is a pivotal factor in the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah program, impacting potential homeowners’ quality of life and investment value.

These projects are in Malaysia’s Federal Territories — Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan. Each area offers its unique advantages, from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling urban environment to the more serene settings of Putrajaya and Labuan. 

Proximity to essential services like healthcare, education, and employment opportunities varies across these locations. Additionally, the connectivity to public transportation and major highways is important.

The choice of location within these territories will significantly influence your daily commute, lifestyle preferences, and long-term property value appreciation. 

Are There Many Bumiputera

In the context of the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah program, the allocation and availability of units for the Bumiputera community is a significant aspect of the initiative. The program is designed to be inclusive, catering to the diverse population of Malaysia, including the Bumiputera. 

The affordable housing projects in Malaysia, including those under the Rumawip scheme, have specific quotas or allocations for Bumiputera buyers.

This aligns with the government’s broader policy to ensure equitable access to housing across different communities. 

Reputation of The Developer

When considering a purchase under the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah program, the developer’s reputation is crucial. These projects involve collaboration between the government and various developers. It’s essential to research the developer’s track record in handling the project you’re interested in. 

A developer with a history of delivering quality constructions on time will likely provide a satisfactory experience. Reviewing past projects, customer feedback, and industry awards or recognitions can offer insights into their reliability and quality standards.

A reputable developer ensures the quality of your future home and contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the Residensi Wilayah initiative.

Developer Past Project 

In the context of the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah programs, examining the past projects of the developers involved is an important step.

Potential buyers can gauge the construction quality, architectural design, and overall reliability by assessing their previous work. 

It’s also beneficial to consider how well the developer has maintained its projects over time, as this reflects on their long-term commitment to their constructions. Reviewing these aspects can offer reassurance and help make an informed decision when selecting a unit under the Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah scheme.



The Rumahwip or Residensi Wilayah program represents a significant opportunity for affordable homeownership in Malaysia’s Federal Territories.

Understanding key aspects like eligibility criteria, the application process, and property features are vital. Additionally, considering the developer’s reputation and past projects ensures long-term satisfaction. 

With around 80,000 units planned, this initiative addresses the diverse needs of Malaysian citizens, including Bumiputera allocations. The strategic locations offer a blend of urban and serene lifestyles, making these properties not just homes but gateways to a better quality of life.

Rumahwip stands out as a crucial step towards inclusive and sustainable urban living.


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Can I join name when purchasing residensi wilayah rumahwip?

Yes, joint applications, such as with a spouse, are typically allowed.

Can I apply again if I’m rejected?

Yes, you can reapply if your circumstances change or you meet the eligibility criteria later.

If I’m staying in Selangor, can I buy rumahwip?

Rumahwip is for those living, working, or born in Federal Territories, so residing in Selangor might not qualify.

Will Rumahwip’s quality be lower than that of a normal commercial house?

Rumahwip aims for affordability without significantly compromising on quality.

Can I buy Rumahwip as my second house?

Rumahwip is typically for first-time homebuyers, so owning another house may disqualify you.

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