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Top 10 Tips To Play Ocean King

Ocean King is a classical fishing arcade game, with lots of free golds, a cool 3D effect, a variety of fishes with different value, and tons of weapon to make the hunt more successful. One of the most popular games nowadays is Ocean King, however, evidence shows that there are not many players are able to satisfy the game rules and conquer the challenges. So here are the top 10 tips to help you become the greatest hunter in the ocean.

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Tips 1: Focus On Gold And Dark Green Creatures 

Sometimes a frog with gold or with a colour that is one of the highest green values ​​of black will appear. If the frog is shot to death then both frogs will appear more often and they are very valuable. Likewise, if a fish with either colour is shot to death, then the player will get a super jackpot.

Tips 2: Shoot The Fishes In A Row

If you shoot in a hurry, your coins will decrease as fast as you shoot in the game. The tip to save coins is to make sure to shoot consecutive fish correctly. 

Tips 3: Use Bullet

Wisely use of bullet when there are plenty of chances can win a huge profit.

Tips 4: Shoot Big Fishes

To earn a great profit, players should aim at big-size fishes other than creatures with gold or dark green color such as Shark, Jelly Fish, Ray, Sea Turtle, and Killer Whale.

Tips 5: Good Regulation Of Coins 

Players should regulate the coins carefully, avoid wasting lots of coins shooting small fishes, instead players should try to shoot slowly. The best tip to win is to catch a fish nearby and catch a fish that will release electric shock that will sting the other fishes and gives players a lot of coins.

Tips 6: Ocean King Crab Bomb 

An interesting feature is the crab bomb that allows players to capture a lot of fishes as the crab explodes. After the player catches the crab bomb, it explodes and kills many sea creatures beneath it. 

Tips 7: Ocean King Lightning Chain 

The lightning chain is where players have to connect as many fish as possible. The fish allowed for this feature are Snapper, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Fugu, Lionfish, Flounder, Lobster, Spearfish and Octopus. Players can get more points for the numbers on different fish that link at once.

Tips 8: Ocean King Hurricane Fish 

Players will receive a twister feature from the fish, the fish will get that feature and capture the fishes around it. This gives players a big bonus, however, some do not have this feature and they are as follows: Devilfish, Shark, Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Bomb Crabs. 

Tips 9: Higher Bets Often Bring More Benefits

High bets bring lots of advantages, they also help raise the chance to reach the target more frequently. The more the wager is, the more chance of winning is. 2 -3 shots in 50 cents or higher will often bring the result that is better than lower bets.

Tips 10: Multiple Functions

Different fish game tables will have some differences between the payouts on the tables. In some tables with lower bets, king whales and other marine animals will appear. In some cases, the king whales worth x100 in every location will appear after the bet values x70 up to the table and place. Therefore, players should be mindful of their wagers to save money and multiply the profits.


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