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Best 10 Sports Betting Sites in Singapore 2024 – Top-Rated and Secure Sportsbook in Singapore

Do you love predicting match scores or making winning outcomes on different activities? If yes, you’d enjoy placing bets as a professional sport better. Singapore holds most of the population involved in this gambling form, with over 44% of Singaporeans investing in sports betting Singapore platforms.

The rise in Singapore online sports betting helped increase the Asian betting market by 8.43% in recent years. This leads to multiple casino sites offering betting game types to their users. 

As the sports betting market is blazing up with various casino platforms, it becomes challenging to choose the best one. Therefore, this article covers a detailed guide on the best Singapore sportsbook sites and how they work. Continue reading to learn more! 

Top 5 Sports Betting Singapore Sites in June 2024

  1. BK8 Sportsbook
  2. me88 Sportsbook
  3. Maxim88 Sportsbook
  4. 96M Sportsbook
  5. Bet365 Sportsbook

96M banner

The Top Sports Betting Sites in Singapore: The Best Online Betting Sites for Gamblers
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Expert Reviews: The Top Sports Betting Sites in Singapore for a Safe and Enjoyable Wagering Experience 

Knowing which site holds the most profit is crucial before you place your wager on any sports activity. Singapore betting sites are versatile and unique in offering various deposit bonuses and welcome offers. To learn which is a safe and trustworthy platform for gamblers, let’s have a look at our expert review of the top sites so you can figure out the best one:

1- 96M 

96M sports betting singapore

With an excellent trust rating of 9.3 out of 10, 96M is among the most traditional Singapore sports betting sites. Its league tournaments and diverse gameplay options attract users to invest their real money and bet on different games. The best thing is there is no limitation on banking methods, so you can even make your transactions through e-wallets or crypto coins.

Pros Cons
Offers lucrative bonuses and promotions Does not contain deposit match bonuses
It has a low wagering requirement of 8x  
Supports multiple banking options, including virtual coins  


2- BK8    

BK8 sports betting singapore

Whether you’re an existing better or new in the field, you’ll love the diverse game collection of BK8. This Singapore Sportsbook platform is best known for its high-tech security features and upgraded gaming software. Above all, we’ve critically reviewed its regulation from official authorities, and the government licenses it.

Pros Cons
Has a gambling license issued by Curaçao Gaming Control Board The minimum deposit limit is higher
Offers three different sportsbooks for players  
It comes with an accessible app for mobile users  


me88 sports betting singapore

For competitive bets on soccer, football, and other e-sports, Me88 is Singapore’s best online sports betting site. Its easy-to-access and initiative user-friendly interface makes the platform enticing for new players. The most attractive is its 200% deposit welcome bonus worth $1,000. Isn’t it exciting?

Pros Cons
It has a moderate wagering requirement of 16x Only selective payment methods are available
Simple to use site with a clean interface  
Promotion offers are highly generous  

4- Maxim88 

Maxim88 sports betting singapore

If you’re looking for an online site that is modern in appearance and offers huge cashback deals, Maxim88 is the one. Due to a wide range of gaming activities, you can win exclusive deals by placing bets. Although the wagering requirement is high, the cashback rewards and bonuses compensate for the payout.

Pros Cons
Offers exclusive weekly cashback offers Wagering requirement is high(32x)
Accepts a range of payment methods  
Has 24/7 customer support with quick response  

5- Manu888

Manu888 sports betting singapore

One of the best and top-ranked Singapore sportsbook sites is Manu888. It provides users with a bundle of betting opportunities due to its kick-ass collection of games, especially slots. The most impressive thing is its generous reward categories and variety of incentives for both new and existing players.

Pros Cons
Safe and reliable sports betting platform It does not contain live dealer games
It has a downloadable app for Android users  
Offers multiple welcome bonus offers  

Ranking the Best Online Sports Betting  Singapore: Our Criteria and Methodology

As the online betting industry in Singapore is super-saturated, users find it tedious to pick the best platform, specifically if you’re a newbie. For your convenience, our expert betters took the pain to deeply analyze each aspect of different sports betting Singapore sites and develop the standard ranking methodology. Enlisted below are some factors illustrated by our experts that’ll help you select the best platform:

1. Safety and Protection

Knowing a sports betting site’s safety rules and regulations significantly helps you build your trust and thus invest money in bets. To ensure customer protection, top betting sites avoid scams and are licensed or regulated by the official government authorities.

2. Competitive Odds

The ultimate winning outcome of a better bet depends on the odds of the platform. The more competitive odds a casino offers, the more your payout will be. Hence, top sportsbook platforms always hold profitable odds, ranging from moderate to high.

3. Bonuses and Promos

Who does not want to get an additional reward besides his actual bet? Reputable online sports betting Singapore sites never compromise on welcome bonuses and promotional offers. For instance, the Me88 betting casino offers its punters a 200% welcome deposit bonus of $1,000.

4. Mobile Compatibility

You can only sometimes have access to your desktop or laptop. Right? For ease of convenience, most betters love to play on mobiles. Therefore, popular sportsbook casinos made themselves compatible with Android and ios devices by providing a user-friendly mobile app.

The Best Sign-Up Offers for Sports Betting in Singapore

Bonus rewards are always lucrative and attract players. Like land-based casinos, Singapore sportsbook sites also offer considerable incentives to their users to keep them engaged in the platform. Some are no-deposit, and some require to deposit money to claim the bonuses and promotions.

However, the most profitable ones are the welcome bonus offers. Why? These are specifically designed for new players and are often worth more than deposit match bonuses. Let’s look at a few welcome bonuses top casinos offer.

1. First Deposit Bonus

For gamblers who have just registered themselves on the Singapore Sportsbook, there are a variety of first deposit bonuses. For instance, the popular Maxim88 sports betting site offers an exclusive 200% first-match deposit bonus to engage users. This adds up to a huge cashback amount once you redeem the codes.

2. Weekly Bonus Offers

Some sports betting platforms, such as Me88 and Bet365, take one step ahead and offer mega weekly bonus deals. These are also termed rescue bonus offers worth more than $1,000 on your bet amount. The most beneficial point is these weekly bonus deals are not restricted to a particular category. Hence, any existing or new user can avail of them and win rewards.

3. 10% Unlimited Bonus

The exclusive 10% unlimited bonus BK8 and 96M offers are highly profitable compared to other bonus offers. These are the reload bonuses that provide unlimited cashback on your first deposit. With a minimum deposit of $50, you can benefit from these deals.

BK8 banner

Expert Tips: What to Consider Before Claiming Sign-Up Offers on Sports Betting Singapore

It is beyond doubt that multiple online sports betting Sinapore sites provide a handful of bonus deals to their users. However, here are some expert tips that you should know to increase your chances of claiming these bonus rewards:

  • Check if the sports betting casino is legal or regulated by the officials.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the platform carefully before investing.
  • Check the wagering requirement for each bonus deal.
  • Place your bets by considering the competitive odds of the casino.
  • Make sure the bonus offer is still valid or active.
  • Learn the maximum bet limit and cash-out limit before claiming the bonus.

Foreign Bookmakers vs. Singapore Pools: Which is the Best Option for Sports Betting in Singapore?

The sports betting industry is constantly evolving, with more and more platforms offering services to gamblers. In this over-competitive market, it becomes hard to demonstrate which site is trustworthy and has better features than the rest. Generally, you get two popular options when placing your bets on any activity, the foreign bookmakers and the Singapore pools.

Although both are highly reputable and top-ranked platforms for Singapore Sportsbook, you might need clarification when choosing one. For your convenience, we have thoroughly reviewed foreign bookmaker sites and Singapore pools and have come up with the following differences that’ll assist you in betting. Let’s have a look at these differential points one by one:

1. Better Odds

Singapore Pools is a private limited betting company specifically introduced into the market to facilitate gamblers. These pools create a safe and highly trusted gaming environment for players but fail to provide competitive odds. Conversely, foreign bookmakers have high and better odds that can increase your chances of winning, thus putting you higher on the scale.

2. Bonuses and Promotions 

Foreign sportsbooks might be the best option if you want to receive lucrative bonus offers and promo codes. They offer a wide diversity of welcome and match deposit bonuses to entice new players to their platform. Singapore Pools does offer bonuses for new users, but they have a limited cash-out limit and do not reward much.

3. Game Selection

The best thing about Singapore Pools is their game selection area. You can get a kick-ass collection of games to bet on, including popular soccer, football, and horse racing. Moreover, these pools also offer live betting options on all major sports activities. On the other hand, foreign bookmakers have limited game categories and might involve risk and scams.

Exploring the Sports Betting Markets Available in Singapore: What Can You Wager On?

Singapore has different sports betting regulations, focusing on fast gameplay and live gaming options. Compared to other countries, it welcomes new users and gives them maximum chances to place their wagers on multiple games.

If you’re new to sports betting and looking for the best activities to wager on, here is a list of popular game categories for your assistance. You can choose the one per your interest and experience.

Types of Sports Betting Available Games

Types of Sports Betting Available Games

Indeed, the Singapore Sportsbook gaming section is wide enough to freeze your mind. However, with our deep market analysis and analytical research on all the popular activities, you can easily figure out the best option to wager on. Some games are more popular than others, so let’s have a look at the most common ones below:

  1. Basketball

Basketball has always remained a top Singaporean sport, with its team winning multiple tournaments on regional and international levels. Hence, you can place bets on its different game variants, such as European basketball or Asian basketball.

  1. Horse Racing

One of the most straightforward betting sports is horse racing. It is a perfect activity for pet enthusiasts and gamblers who want to multifold their chances of winning by placing bets. The general rule of thumb in horse racing is to bet on a single horse rather than going for more than one at a time.

  1. Football

Are you a fan of the La Liga or FIFA World Cup leagues? If yes, it’s the perfect sport to bet on international football leagues to earn a good amount. Unlike other sports, football holds more significant betting potential and, thus, higher chances of winning. Not only this, but you can also receive bonus rewards by placing high wagers on online sports betting Singapore sites.

  1. 4D Games

Four-dimensional games, including the most popular 4D Golf and 4D Miner, tend to provide a significant profit on bets. These simple-to-play games use the latest technology and do not require much to place your first bet.  You just have to select any four numbers, and if they match the winning numbers, you become eligible to get cash prizes and rewards.

Expert Sports Betting Tips: Strategies and Advice to Improve Your Odds of Winning in Singapore

Internet gambling involves risk and could be more frustrating for those unaware of its basic rules. Most Singapore Online Sports Betting platforms are trusted and ensure that the betters get maximum profit without the risk of losing money.

However, you must learn the basic strategies before putting your hand into high-risk activities. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some expert tips and hidden tactics that you can imply to increase your chances of winning:

  • Select a moderate amount to bet on any game – neither too high nor too low.
  • Do not place another bet immediately after losing a bet. Similarly, do not make consecutive bets if you win or lose the previous one.
  • Carefully research the game strategy, rules, and terms before wagering on any sports activity.
  • Only sometimes go with the trend. Only invest in games that you’re comfortable betting on so you can make wise and critical decisions based on your experiences.
  • For horse racing, it is recommended to follow a single-win bet strategy. This involves placing your wager on one horse rather than multiple horses at a time.
  • It is always a good idea to practice your bets. Before investing your real money, practice bets can help you visualize the competitive odds and game probability.
  • As a beginner, it is crucial to understand the betting lines so you can manage your bankroll accordingly.
  • Select those sports betting sites that offer lucrative bonus deals and promotion codes to their users. This way, you can double-fold your account balance.

Maxim88 sg banner

Payment Methods for Sports Betting in Singapore: What Are Your Options?

To provide users with a secure and fast payout system, Sportsbooks in Singapore has introduced the latest banking methods. Each payment method is safe and made to process within 48 hours, so you can easily deposit or withdraw money at any time.

The standard banking options

  • MasterCard/Visa Card

Most online casino sites accept MasterCard as their prime payment method. Compared to other banking options, it is an easy and secure process to use at gambling sites. Similarly, you can deposit or withdraw money from a sports betting site using your Visa Card. Remember always to verify your cards before you proceed with the checkout.

  • eZeeWallet

If you want to get rid of different currency conditions in a sports betting casino, it is always a great idea to use your eZeeWallet. It is a digital wallet that runs perfectly on casino sites and facilitates users with quick authentication and transactions. This way, you would have more control over your day-to-day withdrawals and deposits.

  • CashtoCode

Singapore sports betting live casinos accept CashtoCode as their fast and secure payment method. The vouchers of CashtoCode help you complete your transactions online without needing a credit or debit card. This alternatively reduces the risks of privacy leaks or misuse of your personal account information.

  • Neosurf

For those looking for a quick and easy method to manage their account balance and transactions, Neosurf is the perfect banking option. It is widely accepted by multiple sports betting Singapore sites and is supported by most countries. Thus, you will not face any restrictions when accessing your account.

Direct bank transfer and prepaid cards are also considered the best and safe banking methods for withdrawal and deposit. Moreover, before you process your payments, you should know the maximum and minimum limits for deposit, cash-out, and processing. Usually, transactions are completed within 3-5 business days at most sports betting platforms.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Singapore Online Casino sites offer multiple currency options for those who want to pay using their crypto wallet. From Bitcoin to Litecoin, you can pay using any cryptocurrency within 5 minutes. The transactions are smooth and without additional charges so you can pay the deposit fees without hassle.

Although other payment methods exist, a crypto wallet is used due to its convenient withdrawal and deposit limits. With Bitcoin transactions, you can enjoy quick processing with a minimum withdrawal of $10 and a maximum withdrawal of $10,000.

The Best Online Betting Apps in Singapore: Wager on Your Favorite Sports Anytime, Anywhere

With the latest technologies, betting on mobile phones has become more convenient and safe. If you want to get the best sound and graphics experience online, the advanced 5G mobile phones are the best option.

Keeping mobile convenience in mind, different sports betting Singapore sites have launched their apps for gamblers. The ultimate function of these apps is to provide a user-friendly mobile interface for its players. Like the desktop version, the mobile apps are highly functional and operate with high-quality graphics for a positive gaming experience. Over 20 sports activities are optimized to run smoothly on Android and ios devices. Some of the best sports betting apps offered by real-money casinos include:

  • Me88 – Best for mobile deposit bonuses
  • BK8– Rated for live streaming and Esports
  • 96M– Offers competitive odds

Expert Tips: How to Find the Best Sports Betting Odds in Singapore and Maximize Your Winnings

If you’re new in the sports betting market, you might not be familiar with the term ‘’betting odds’’. Understanding sports betting odds and their working methodology will help you increase your winning potential and get more rewards. Here are some tips on how to find the best sports betting odds in Singapore:

  • Betting odds are common in American, fractional, and decimal.
  • Some games, including football, basketball, and horse racing, have fixed odds. Hence, you must be careful investing in these sports.
  • Betting odds show the probability of winning or losing a bet. You can calculate the odds by the equation ‘’Money Risked * Odds = Total Payout’’.
  • Investing in favourable odds compared to negative ones is recommended to maximize your chances of winning, as they involve low-risk factors.
  • You can always lose money when placing bets, so move with simple bets and do not invest in multiple games simultaneously.

How to Sign Up to a Sports Betting Site in Singapore: Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1 Visit Sports Betting Site

Search for the Singapore online sports betting platforms. To download on Android or pc, install its recommended version on your system.

Step #2 Register with Username

Once you’re done with the download, register with your email and set a strong password. You can also add your date of birth and preferred username to secure your account details.

Step #3 Finish Sign-up Process

After you’ve created your account with your email, log in to the casino site, and it will lead you to the lobby. Then, you can start betting on multiple games by depositing money and receiving the welcome bonus.

Is Online Betting Legal in Singapore?

Internet gambling is not legal in Singapore as it involves risks of losing money. However, due to the increasing trend of sports betting, the government has approved some top casino sites as legal and regulated. These are licensed and protect customers’ privacy without risking their details. Thus, you can trust these legal sites when betting on certain sports.


Conclusively, Sports betting in Singapore is a profitable and fun gambling activity. The country holds a secure gaming environment with multiple online platforms offering betting services to their users. You can easily choose the best site by considering their bonuses, payment methods, and betting terms. This way, you can maximize your betting amount by registering on a safe betting site.


What are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Singapore?

Depending on your interest and experience, you can bet on multiple sports. However, the most common ones in Singapore are football, basketball, horse racing, cricket, and golf.

How Can I Place a Bet in Singapore?

Select a trusted online casino in Singapore site, select your game type, set the wagering amount, and place your bet accordingly. You can always follow betting strategies to maximize your profit.

Are Sports Betting Legal in Singapore?

Since 1968, Singapore has held different legal sports betting Singapore sites to facilitate gamblers worldwide. In 2016, internet gambling was made legal for Singapore players, which led to the rise in Singapore pools and foreign bookmakers.

What is the Government’s Stance on Sports Betting?

Although gambling is legal in Singapore, the government has strict rules for sports betting. Besides age restrictions, the government allows only legal and authorized casinos to operate in the country. This ensures that the players remain safe from scams and fraudulent activities.

What Help is Available for Problem Gamblers in Singapore?

Sports betting Singapore sites provide 24/7 customer support to gamblers so they do not face any issues when playing or betting. You can contact the team via live chat, email, or phone. However, if the problem still exists, Singapore gamblers can get help from the National Council on Problem Gambling helpline.

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