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CMD368 Sportsbook: Online Sport Betting Review

CMD368 Online Casino Review

If you love to play the best of casino games online, or if you love to indulge in the best of sports betting or other forms of betting, using the power and reach of the internet, then you are in the right place. We will be having a look at a popular online site that perhaps offers everything that a punter would want, sitting in the comfort of his or her house, office, or even while on the move.

Though people may have divided opinions about gambling and other related activities, there is no denying the fact that there is a growing demand for online casinos. Today there are thousands of such casinos, and they offer the best possible gaming, gambling, and sports betting avenues and opportunities. However, when you have so many options to choose from, there are times when you make mistakes or judgments and end up choosing the wrong casino online service providers. There is a need to do proper research, go through the required due diligence processes, and then make the right choice.


What is CMD368


In this article, a sports betting review will be having a closer look into the CMD368 sportsbook. The website started operations around 2008 and therefore it is around 12 years old. Over the years, CMD368 has grown to be a reasonably well-known online gaming outlet that offers very good value for money to its customers. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a closer at the various things that are offered by this online sportsbook site. We will find out more about the games that are available, and the sports that are covered under betting.

CMD368 review will also look at the various technical aspects of this online sports betting site, the promotions they offer, the payment methods, the safety and security systems and finally the customer support standards. We are sure that it will be helpful in getting reasonably good knowledge and information about this online site based on which the right decisions can be taken.


What Makes CMD368 Different?

When we have scores of online casino sites to choose from, the most obvious question is what is so special about CMD368? To start with they have been around for many years now. They started their operations in 2008 and since then they have been able to attract thousands of punters and customers to their fold. Surviving and growing satisfactorily for more than a decade in a highly competitive and tough market is easier said than done. The very fact that they have been able to show satisfactory growth does tell quite a few positive stories about this sports betting platform.

The reason why this site is popular is perhaps that it focuses on players in Asia and has games and sports that are popular in this part of the world. Further, they offer the players to become members of this site by paying in local currencies. This is a big takeaway that not many other sites may perhaps be able to offer. It allows you to play games and take part in sports betting from almost any part of the world.

If you love to navigate the casino market from Asia but are located far away in some other country or continent, then CMD368 could be one of the best options for you. They are comparable to the best when it comes to games and sports betting avenues and therefore this also could be a reason why many people have started liking them.


Regulation & Security

CMD368 is licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. This has been done through the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. Those who have reviewed many online betting and gaming sites are sure that they have the best oversight and licensing practices. These are strictly governed by the rules and regulations laid down by the Government of the Philippines. Players, therefore, can expect to get a reasonably high level of comfort. It allows you, as a player, to reach the government entities who are in charge of licensing, in case of any disputes, problems or possible wrong dealings.

Apart from this, the online reputation of these casino sites is also quite good. Many player forums and other well-known review sites have many things good to say about this site and this endorsement of the brand is something that makes it quite different from many other such brands in this country. We need to bear in mind that the online betting community is quite well-knit and if they have been able to say something good about CMD368 it certainly means quite a lot.

They are of course very popular in Malaysia, Thailand, and other neighbouring countries and what is perhaps a big takeaway is the fact that the site also is very popular across many other countries of the world located far away.


Sports Betting

CMD368 also is considered to be a good online site for sports bettors and sports enthusiasts. While football continues to be the most popular sport for bettors, the site also offers other sports for those who are keen on betting on these. It allows you to play thousands of games each week and all those can be watched in real-time and you can see it happening.

Hence, if you are looking for a decent, famous and well-known sports betting site, then you have many reasons to have a closer look at CMD368. You can try your luck in cricket, hockey, golf, tennis, basketball, athletics, badminton and a host of other interesting sports. It would therefore not be wrong to call this a one-stop solution for different types of sports and sports betting.

cmd sportsbooks


Those who understand sports betting would most certainly have a good idea about sportsbooks. This is basically a single platform where sports enthusiasts can bet on a number of sports. It would be pertinent to mention here that CMD368 offers some of the best sportsbook betting facilities.

CMD368 that are covered are wide and include football, American football, cricket, horse racing, rugby, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis and a host of other such games. They have the best platform to offer to their punters and wagers. It allows placing bets both on individual games and also team games.

Also, CMD368 allows beginners to learn more about the features of betting and then move on. You can bet live, or you can bet before the start of the match or even for certain periods of the match. They have different lines and betting options to offer to their clients. This online platform uses the best of technology and this goes a long way in making betting easy for beginners. Experts and experienced people, of course, know about it and they are also offered special betting specialties.


E-Sports Betting

cmd368 esports

Our review of CMD368 eSports found that this platform has a very large range of eSports betting markets to compete with some of the best betting sites on eSports. If you want to bet on a big tournament like DreamHack’s outright winner or take a live in-play bet on a CS: GO tournament qualification round, you’ll be able to find some good bets at CMD368.


Bonuses & Promotions

The bonus codes offered by CMD368 according to thousands of players are quite impressive and interesting. They take care of various possibilities that the players are on the lookout for. If you love other casino games, you also have the choice of going in for a chip booster or could opt for the welcome bonus. The virtual sports facilities come with their own promotions and the same is the case with a sportsbook.


Withdrawals & Deposits

There is no need for making a deposit for registration and signing up. However, if you want to play, gamble or get into sports betting you will have to make a deposit. The deposit can be made using a bank transfer, but many people consider that to be a difficult and cumbersome process.

A better way forward would be to make use of paytrust88 or EeziePay. Both of these options are quite easy, and your account will get opened easily and without too much wastage of time. They have many withdrawals options and here again, you can use bank transfer or EeziePay and paytrust88.

This is the same that is offered by many online casinos in this part of the world. However, there are a few players who believe that there are enough reasons to add a few more payment and withdrawal options.


Customer Support

CMD368 also has a very powerful, proactive, and effective customer service system. The players and customers can contact the live support facility by making use of their usernames.

Hence, this facility is available only for those who have opened an account. You also have toll-free numbers, and these can be contacted in case you want some doubts cleared before opening an account. Apart from this, you can also make use of WhatsApp and WeChat channels for getting in touch with customer service representatives.

CMD368 also have an email for taking care of matters that are not so very urgent. You also have a multilingual team that can help you irrespective of the location that you may be in or the language you be comfortable with. Having an account is advantageous because you can get in touch with the representatives within five seconds and therefore you can safely say that your complaint will be attended to immediately. The customer service facilities are open round the clock, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Data & Information Safety

Yes, this is an important area of concern for any customer because it involves sensitive information that is personal and confidential in nature. Being a responsible and reliable service provider, CMD368 online casino has the best safety and security processes and protocols in place. They have never shied away from spending time, money and effort in strengthening the safety processes.

They have the finest firewalls in place, and more importantly, each transaction and communication of the customer is fully secured through a highly reliable and trusted 128-bit encryption technology. So, there are almost zero risks of pilferage, hacking and phishing of data and it offers quite a bit of comfort to the customers at all points in time. They also conduct regular audits, and other such practices to make sure that the safety protocols are always strengthened considering changing technologies and threat perceptions.



There is hardly any doubt that if you are looking for a quality online betting and gambling site, then you have all reasons to try out CMD368. They offer the best of a sportsbook. The games that they cover under sports betting are quite large and therefore customers can be sure that they will be able to get full value for money. They also have some very attractive bonuses and welcome offers to new customers and also for experienced ones.

They also promise the best of security and safety of customer information and the customer service support mechanism has also stood the test of time. On the whole, whether it is the best of games, the best of sports betting, or other related things, you have reasons to try out CMD368 and you may not like to come out of it, once you have experienced what they have to offer.

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