How to Choose A Diamond Ring for Marriage Proposal in Malaysia – Price and Review

How to Choose A Diamond Ring for Marriage Proposal in Malaysia

Are you looking for the perfect diamond ring in Malaysia? According to a 2022 survey, over 85% of proposals involve the gift of a diamond ring with a centre stone.

Choosing the ideal band to symbolise your cherished commitment deserves thought and care. 

What type of diamond ring does your partner’s style lean towards? Which jeweller can craft a ring capturing the essence of your love story’s next chapter? 

This diamond ring guide covers factors influencing quality, cost and appeal so you can focus on what matters most – crafting a heartfelt proposal she’ll never forget. 

Tips for Choosing a Diamond Ring (The 4Cs)

Selecting an engagement ring is a unique experience. When evaluating diamonds, understanding the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat – helps ensure quality and value in your investment.


A diamond’s carat refers to its weight. One carat equals 0.2 grams. As the carat increases, so does the diamond’s size and price.

Consider opting for a slightly lower carat, between 0.7 to 1 carat, to get better value. The difference will not be easily visible to the naked eye.


Diamond colour grading ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow/brown).

Colourless or near colourless diamonds (D-F grades) are the most expensive, while faint yellow diamonds (grades G-J) are budget-friendly options that appear colourless to the untrained eye.


Most diamonds have tiny natural inclusions. Diamond clarity scale ranks flaws as:

  • Flawless (FL) – no inclusions
  • Internally Flawless (IF) – no external flaws
  • Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1, VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1, VS2) – minor flaws
  • Slightly Included (SI1, SI2) – visible under 10x magnification

Our advice is to opt for SI clarity to save money. After all, the flaws will be barely visible.

Cut and Craftsmanship

The way a diamond is cut determines its brilliance and fire. Well-cut diamonds refract light better.

Look for Excellent and Very Good cut grades. Avoid stones with fair and poor cuts despite their size.

The Best Jewellery Shop To Get Your Diamond Ring

With so many jewellers, where does one even begin to find the perfect sparkling token of love? 

Nothing to worry about; we’ve curated the list of the top 7 Malaysia shops known for their dazzling collections, artistry and trustworthiness. 

Each store provides unique charm and craftsmanship – whether you desire an elegant solitaire, a vintage-inspired twist or an unconventional designer creation tailored for your partner.

From bespoke services to timeless heirloom pieces, you’ll uncover diamond rings brimming with meaning and quality for prices catering to every budget. 

Love & Co. One Utama – Diamond Rings Malaysia

Love & Co.



  • Trendy styles with a twist
  • Lab-grown diamonds
  • Competitive prices
  • Limited classic options
  • Focus on trendy designs
  • Online presence

Love & Co. is a Malaysian jeweller specialising in diamond engagement and wedding rings. This homegrown brand has a showroom in One Utama Shopping Centre focused on providing couples with stunning rings that make a statement.

Love & Co. prides itself on their unique settings and contemporary designs infused with a touch of edge and funk.

They move away from traditional solitaire styles, instead opting for asymmetrical layouts, curved bands, hidden halos and other innovative details. This gives their collection a distinctive look that targets the stylish, modern consumer.

Despite their distinctive styling and production methods, Love & Co.’s prices are affordable at around RM3,000.

Customers can find competitive rates for gorgeous rings thanks to the brand’s delicate craftsmanship and sensible use of materials.

With their dazzling pieces, Love & Co. strives to overwrite traditional engagement ring shopping norms in Malaysia by delivering standout looks that don’t break the bank.

Love & Co. caters best for stylish couples seeking modern sparkle with a twist.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds

malabar gold and diamonds



  • Traditional elegance with an Indian flair
  • Wide range of diamonds
  • Competitive prices
  • Limited modern styles
  • Lacklustre showroom experience
  • Focus on gold

Malabar Gold and Diamonds has blossomed into one of the largest jewellery retailers in Malaysia.

This powerhouse prioritises tradition with a touch of modern sparkle across its diamond and gold collections. It is iconic for classic Indian-inspired designs and intricate details on vibrant gemstones adorned with 22K gold.

While their dazzling diamond inventory impresses, they temper expectations if seeking an ultra-modern look.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds leans traditional in aesthetic – the kind that never goes out of style. Their spacious showrooms also cater more towards volume over intimate browsing.

But for classic elegance with Indian heritage at its heart, few match their lineage and authority. 

Budget-conscious lovebirds who appreciate intricate craftsmanship will discover stellar diamond rings here, surrounded by an inspiring sea of gold.

For traditional elegance, Malabar Gold and Diamonds reign supreme in diamond and gold craftsmanship with a classical edge.





  • Bespoke diamond
  • Unique stones & settings
  • Expert Guidance
  • Higher price point
  • Longer waiting time
  • Limited in-store selection

Your marriage proposal will be the envy of the town with a handcrafted diamond ring from Skudai-based ZCOVA.

Besides, ZCOVA lets you play jeweller! Their speciality lies in custom-designed engagement and wedding rings tailored to your vision. 

With an experienced team guiding your creative process, they promise bespoke magic, allowing any couple to transform inspiration into gleaming reality.

They Provide customise diamonds, gems, metal, engraving, GIA/GemEx-certified stones, online design tools and price match guarantee and stylish contemporary or classic creations

Understandably, exclusive creations come at premium rates compared to readymade rings and extended wait times. In-store browsing is also limited, given the focus on custom work.

But for lovers seeking the ultimate personalised shine with professional polish, ZCOVA sparks brilliance.

It promises one-of-a-kind bespoke sparkles for lovers yearning to turn vision into reality.

Diamond & Platinum (One Utama) 

diamond _ platinum



  • Timeless and classic diamond ring designs focusing on quality over trends
  • GIA-certified diamonds ensure authenticity and quality
  • A lifetime guarantee provides peace of mind on craftsmanship
  • Custom design services allow personalised rings
  • Ethical sourcing of diamonds worldwide
  • Limited trendy and modern ring designs
  • Smaller in-store selection of readymade rings
  • Custom designs take time and require multiple consultations
  • Less budget friendly than mass jewellers

When only enduring elegance and unrivalled quality will spark your happily-ever-after dreams, this boutique diamond specialist shines.

Beyond their exquisite classics and bridal dazzlers, true magic happens in Diamond & Platinum’s custom design studio. Their artisans breathe life into any sketch, no matter how rough.

At each step, their GIA experts guide selections based on diamonds sourced ethically worldwide. Their lifetime guarantee on rings and diamonds seals the promise of forever.

Budget at least RM5,000 for certified excellence. With an appointment, discover how bespoke magic turns you into more than clients. You become partners in constructing heirlooms.

Lovers longing for timeless sparkle and enduring quality will discover excellence with Diamond & Platinum’s custom heirlooms.

Eumayco Jewelry 

Eumayco Jewelry



  • Vintage treasures
  • Warm artisans
  • On-site sculpting and gem-setting
  • Readymade browsing limited
  • Few weeks’ completion time

Beyond their vintage treasures, Eumayco’s true magic shines through bespoke.

Their warm artisans guide every step, listening like old friends as ideas flow. Soon, the sculpting and gem-setting begin onsite.

You will be invited to check progress and suggest tweaks at each phase. 

The final creation, brimming with personal touches, ultimately reflects you both – not just as a couple but as individuals with rich histories converging. It starts at around RM4,000 for handcrafted heirlooms.

On average, completion takes a few weeks. Although it might seem long, a true bespoke diamond ring is never rushed, only nurtured.

You might want to lower your expectations for readymade browsing. But if longing for ageless allure infused with intimate details, Eumayco Jewelry transforms not just metal and gems; they shape priceless love into tangible form.

In its essence, Eumayco transforms love stories into stunning bespoke creations with vintage charm.

Audrey’s Diamonds

Audrey_s Diamonds



  • Ethically sourced diamonds and recycled gold
  • Unique vintage and antique bands
  • One-of-a-kind heartfelt character
  • Smaller personalised selection
  • Unpredictable vintage inventory
  • Limited customisation options

Audrey’s Diamonds is a speciality jeweller focusing on rare and vintage diamond rings.

Based in Malaysia, they offer a unique selection of antique, estate, and pre-owned diamond rings. Each piece tells a charming story and makes for a meaningful, unconventional marriage proposal ring.

Audrey’s specialises in ethically sourced and eco-friendly jewellery. Their diamonds uphold environmental and social standards, while their gold is recycled for minimal impact.

Additionally, their vintage treasures are affordably priced, starting around RM3,500. Audrey’s combines conscience and sparkle for the eco-conscious couple with an eye for history.

The journey of finding the perfect vintage ring makes for a romantic adventure for two.

Rather than mass-produced pieces, each ring at Audrey’s carries its soul and character. Their specialised inventory yields rare finds for those seeking one-of-a-kind shine.

Patience and uncertainty may be needed when treasure hunting for antique diamond rings.

For unconventional couples with a desire for an extraordinary proposal wonder, Audrey’s vintage diamond rings provide a cherished sparkle that combines conscience, affordability, and timeless charm.

Le Lumiere

Le Lumiere



  • Expert French-inspired craftsmanship
  • Ethically sourced stones are available
  • Heirloom-worthy quality
  • Premium pricing starting at RM8,000
  • Focus on custom orders
  • Longer wait times for customised pieces

Le Lumiere is a refined Malaysian jeweller specialising in exquisite diamond engagement rings. 

Inspired by Parisian elegance, they create bespoke diamond rings and signature collections with intricate designs and ethical stones. Their rings celebrate the artistry of love with delicate sophistication.

Each diamond ring goes through meticulous craftsmanship by Le Lumiere’s skilled artisans. From casting to setting, they ensure quality and longevity worthy of an heirloom.

Their expertise marries French romanticism with Malaysian warmth and charm in every unique piece.

Le Lumiere’s diamond rings interweave devotion, elegance, and intricate artistry. For couples who cherish quality craftsmanship and timeless romance, Le Lumiere turns your love story into a masterpiece with a long-lasting, unique diamond ring.


Choosing the perfect diamond ring in Malaysia requires balancing your budget with priorities in diamond quality, custom design options, after-sales support and more.

Do extensive research online about different jewellers, understand GIA certification, and shortlist retailers before visiting stores. This will simplify the selection process.

Focus on cut and craftsmanship oversize for the best sparkle. Plan up to 6 months ahead to allow sufficient customisation time.

Follow the tips here to find the ideal diamond ring in Malaysia to make your big moment magical!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know it’s a good diamond ring?

Check for GIA/IGI grading report, excellent/perfect cut, colourless to near colourless grade, eye-clean SI1/VS2 clarity level, which is a well-crafted diamond ring with a secure prong and smooth finish.

What is most important when buying a diamond ring?

Cut, quality, and craftsmanship to ensure brilliance and durability. Then, focus on the best colour/clarity in the budget.

What carat diamond is best?

0.7 to 1 carat G-H colour, VS2+ clarity diamonds give a balance of size and quality at reasonable price points.

Can I get a diamond ring with a budget of RM3000?

Yes, 0.50 carats G-H colour SI1-SI2 clarity diamond solitaire rings are available at around RM 3000 at many stores.

What to avoid when buying a diamond ring?

  • Poor/Fair cut stones
  • heavily included I1-I3 diamonds
  • rings with fragile prong settings
  • sellers without certification and buyback policies.
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