13 Best Pet Cafe in KL that Animal Lovers Must Visit in 2024

Meow meow, woof woof! The bustling cities of Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Petaling Jaya (PJ) have witnessed a surge in pet cafes featuring charming canines and felines as their primary attractions.

Whether you’re an ardent dog devotee, a fervent cat enthusiast, an inquisitive explorer of all things animal-related, or just in the mood for a delightful cup of coffee accompanied by some heartwarming cuddles, our playful pet cafe hopping adventure guarantees an absolutely enjoyable experience.

Get ready for an imminent cuteness overload – it’s about to hit you in 3, 2, 1!

1. Cutie Pie Pet Cafe 甜宠派

cutie pie pet cafe

Cutie Pie Pet Cafe boasts an industrial-style ambiance and is home to 10 resident dogs, transforming it into more than just a cafe – it’s a haven for you and your furry companion to share moments of joy.

If you’re planning to bring your dog along to this dog cafe, ensure they are wearing diapers; alternatively, you can purchase pet diapers conveniently on-site.

In addition to its cafe offerings, this establishment provides services for pet gatherings and birthday parties. The focus at this dog cafe is on ensuring the comfort and happiness of pets.

Notably, a dedicated pet drinking area is positioned near the entrance. This dog cafe also features ample space for dogs to freely roam and engage in delightful activities!

  • Average Price: The average price range at Cutie Pie Pet Cafe is moderate, making it accessible for a casual outing or a special occasion.
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Friday 12 pm – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 10 pm.
  • Status: Halal
  • Location: 71-3, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 16-965 1328


2. Monster A Garden Cafe

Monster A Garden Cafe

Rest assured, you’re bound to fall in love with all the feline residents at Monster. A Garden Cafe! The attentive owners ensure the cats are not only well cared for but also exceptionally friendly and at ease with visitors.

Enhancing the experience is the clean and aesthetically pleasing Bohemian-style ambiance, providing the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy moments. Come for the cats and stay for the delightful fun that awaits you!

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday, Wednesday to Friday (10.30 am – 7 pm), Saturday & Sunday (10 am – 6.30 pm), Closed on Tuesdays
  • Status: Pork-free
  • Location: No. 54, 1st Floor, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 12-554 8429


3. Little Belly Pet

little belly pet pet cafe

Step into the charm of a Japanese Pet Restaurant that caters to both human and furry patrons alike. Indulge in Japanese main dishes tailored for the masters of the house, providing a delightful culinary experience for families and friends.

Meanwhile, the fur babies are treated to pet main dishes and snacks, ensuring their enjoyment with every bite.

The establishment prides itself on a welcoming atmosphere, free from minimum spending requirements, time constraints, entrance fees, or the need for reservations. Dive into a day of joy as you cuddle with cats, play with dogs, savour Japanese cuisine, and immerse yourself in continuous cat cuddles.

Don’t hesitate to bring along a few dear friends and family members – the more, the merrier!

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Saturday (10 am – 10 pm), Sunday (12pm – 8pm)
  • Status: Non-Halal
  • Location: 68-3, Jalan Jalil 1, Bumi Bukit Jalil, Lebuhraya Puchong Sg Besi , 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Contact Number: +6017-4704321


4. Luckbros Kopi Kota Damansara

Luckbros kopi

Indulge in the charm of a miniature petting zoo at Luckbros Kopi – a haven for animal enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the delightful company of ponies, goats, capybaras, rabbits, birds, koi fish, and a myriad of other adorable creatures.

Enjoy a fantastic time surrounded by cute companions while sipping on their commendable strong coffee.

This Instagrammable cafe not only offers a picturesque setting but also serves up delectable local delights and desserts for a complete and satisfying experience.

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks first from cafe for admission into the mini zoo
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (10 am – 10 pm)
  • Status: Halal-certified
  • Location: 2A-H, Pus Teknologi Sunsuria Jalan Teknologi Taman Sains Selangor 1, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Contact Number: +60 12-610 8856


5. Clawset Pet Cafe

Clawset pet cafe

Attention, dog enthusiasts! Clawset is a must-visit destination for you.

Featuring a delightful assortment of small, fluffy dogs such as Pomeranians, Poodles, and Chihuahuas, be ready to have your face light up with joy as these incredibly adorable rays of sunshine effortlessly melt your heart.

Indulge in a delectable spread of Western cuisine, snacks, and desserts, all while being surrounded by these amicable puppies that bring cheer to every corner.

Rest assured, you’ll be heading home with a much happier mood after this heartwarming experience.

  • Average Price: Enjoy an affordable yet delightful dining experience at Clawset Pet Cafe. Order food or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (10 am – 8 pm)
  • Status: Non-Halal
  • Location: 36-A, Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Contact Number: +60 17-470 0618

6. Cubs & Cups

Cubs & Cups

CuBs & CuPs is a paradise for dog enthusiasts, offering an array of furry companions such as shiba inus, goldies, huskies, corgis, poms, frenchies, poodles, beagles, and more in this dog cafe.

This dog lover’s haven invites you to indulge in a delightful dining experience accompanied by these incredible bundles of joy.

Get ready to be showered with an abundance of love and affection as you forge new friendships with these awesome pawsome pals!

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday, Wednesday to Friday (11.30 am – 9.30 pm), Saturday & Sunday (9.30 am – 10.30 pm), Closed on Tuesdays
  • Status: Non-halal, Pet-friendly
  • Location: 22, Jalan 30/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 14-507 0249

7. Cuffymeow Cat Cafe


Embark on a delightful journey with a visit to Cuffymeow Cat Cafe in Bukit Jalil, where the charm of precious cats awaits! Adorned with an aesthetically pleasing Muji and Korean-inspired design, this cat cafe offers a purrfectly relaxing atmosphere.

The interactive and friendly cats add to the charm, often approaching visitors for cuddles.

Indulge in the cosy ambiance as you play with a variety of adorable breeds, including Ragdoll, Munchkin, Maine Coon, British Shorthair, and more, all while savouring the delightful taste of a fluffy souffle or two.

  • Average Price: RM 28 per entry for 30 mins playtime with cats, F&B not included
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Friday (1pm – 8 pm), Saturday & Sunday (12 pm – 8.30 pm)
  • Status: Non-Halal, Pork-free, alcohol-free
  • Location: 37A, Jalan 16/155C Bandar Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 12-683 7204

8. Furrito Haus Cafe & Pet Mart

furrito haus cafe & pet mart

Dreamed of petting an alpaca but never had the chance to visit Peru? Well, now’s your opportunity! Furrito Haus Cafe, a viral pet haven in Seri Kembangan, boasts the delightful presence of Snowy, the quirkiest white alpaca.

This hidden gem also houses a variety of adorable creatures, including sugar gliders, hedgehogs, iguanas, dogs, and cats. Indulge in some delicious eats like claypot chicken rice, tom yam seafood, and chicken chop.

Plus, feel free to bring along your own furry companions – a guaranteed recipe for a blast of a time!

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (11 am – 9.30 pm)
  • Status: Pet-friendly, Non-halal
  • Location: 27, Jalan Equine 10, Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
  • Contact Number: +60 12-367 5499

9. Huskiss


For a complete hour of intimate interaction with not just one or two, but a delightful ensemble of EIGHT friendly huskies and a Samoyed, look no further than Huskies!

These affable giants are exceptionally well-trained, ensuring a comfortable experience, and they might even indulge in joyful zoomies to play with you.

Embrace these adorable companions to your heart’s content, and the attentive staff at Huskiss will eagerly assist you in capturing numerous pictures to immortalise your visit. Highly recommended for a truly memorable experience!

  • Average Price: RM 55 for 1 hour with 1 complimentary drink provided
  • Opening Hour: Wednesday to Sunday (11 am – 4.30 pm, 7 – 8 pm), Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Status: Non-Halal
  • Location: 80-G, Block G, Zenith Corporate Park, SS7/26, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Contact Number: +60 3-7887 3109


10. Fangs by Dekori Premium Cafe

Fangs by Dekori Premium Cafe

If your heart yearns for both reptiles and shaved ice delights, Fangs by Dekori reptile cafe beckons you! As KL’s pioneering reptile cafe, it plays host to an array of snakes, iguanas, frogs, tarantulas, scorpions, and geckos, creating a unique hangout experience.

Indulge in the cool embrace of desserts such as kakigori, taufufa, waffles, taro balls, and refreshing icy drinks, all while enjoying the company of these exotic buddies.

Don’t miss out on the two-tone yogurt kakigori and the signature milk bear luxuriating in a taro ball-filled bathtub – these desserts are a definite must-try at this reptile cafe!

  • Average Price: Order desserts or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Wednesday to Sunday (11 am – 4.30 pm, 7 – 8 pm), Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Status: Halal-certified
  • Location: 3A-A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • Contact Number: +60 18-288 7519


11. Poppy Kat Cat Cafe

Poppy Kat

The enjoyment doesn’t end for cat enthusiasts! Tucked within a snug coffee shop lot in a charming neighbourhood, Poppy Kat stands out as an aesthetically pleasing cat cafe sure to win your affection.

The delightful sight of fluffy and chonky cats freely roaming in this orange-hued setting makes it an irresistible destination, worthy of not just one but multiple visits. Indulge in the comforting trio of matcha lychee croffle, coffee, and the charming feline companions awaiting to provide solace!

  • Average Price: Order desserts or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Thursday (11 am – 10 pm), Friday to Sunday (11 am – 12 am)
  • Status: Pork-free, Alcohol-free
  • Location: 34A, Jalan Nadchatiram, Taman Taynton View, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 11-5417 3453


12. Darling Lemon Tea (Hamster Cafe)


Cheras has a new place for tea—Darling Lemon Tea (a Hamster Cafe).

The highlight here is the refreshing handcrafted lemon tea. We tried two drinks for you:

Signature Duck Poop Fragrance Lemon Tea – The lime flavour is very refreshing, not too sweet or too sour! The 1-litre cup is so satisfying to drink.

Iced Suction Coconut Latte – After the latte foam disappears, the water decreases by 1/4. The coconut milk flavour is rich, but it may not be suitable for those who don’t like it!

The environment here has a camping style, with low tables and chairs. Sitting for a long time may be a bit uncomfortable. There are over 10 mice in the store that you can watch and pet. ZunDoo is very cute, but we can’t disturb them if they are sleeping~

The owner mentioned that there will be new members in a few weeks! Then you can pet hamsters.

The last picture includes the menu in the store~ Currently, there are no snacks, and the prices are reasonable. The downside is that parking may be a bit challenging to find.

  • Average Price: Order food or drinks first from cafe for admission into the mini zoo   
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (11am – 11pm)
  • Status: Halal-certified
  • Location: Yulek (12-G Jalan kaskas 3)
  • Contact Number: +60 12-610 8856


13. Ragdoll Catfle


Everyone living in Setapak can freely indulge in cat cuddling! This cat cafe is just upstairs from the tempting Mala building opposite PV15/16. Inside, there are many types of cats, all very friendly and won’t bite. 

There’s a really cute cat; when you pick it up, it can make you fall asleep in seconds. You can go and find it then!

The theme of the cafe is modern and trendy camping style. The environment inside the store is also very comfortable and clean, very chill. No entrance fee is required here, but each person needs to order something!

And there’s more! I asked the owner, and you can bring your cat here too‼️ As long as it’s fully vaccinated and healthy.

  • Average Price: Order desserts or drinks for admission
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Sunday (12pm – 10pm)
  • Status: Pork-free, Alcohol-free
  • Location: No 60-1, Plaza Usahawan Crystal Ville, Off, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number: +60 11-5417 3453


Things You Need to Know When Visiting a Pet Cafe

Exploring pet cafes offers a unique and heartening experience for animal enthusiasts. However, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit involves understanding crucial considerations.

Here’s a guide to enhance your time at a pet cafe responsibly.

1. Pet Behaviour:

Pets, while often well-trained, can display unpredictable behaviour. Exercise caution during your interactions, particularly if it’s your first encounter. Be attentive to cues that suggest the pet may be uncomfortable to avoid any unintended incidents.

2. Gentle Handling:

Handle the animals with gentleness and respect. Adhere to the cafe staff’s guidelines on approaching, petting, and holding the animals. Following these instructions ensures a positive experience for both visitors and the pets themselves.

3. Feeding Protocol:

Stick to the cafe’s designated menu for the animals. Refrain from offering outside food, as it may not align with their nutritional needs. Adhering to the approved treats and meals provided by the cafe helps maintain the pets’ well-being.

4. Compliance with Rules:

Respect and adhere to the cafe’s specific rules and guidelines. Whether related to photography restrictions, feeding protocols, or interaction durations, compliance ensures a secure and pleasant atmosphere for everyone involved.

5. Supervision of Children:

If visiting with children, closely supervise their interactions with the animals. Teach them to approach the pets calmly and gently, emphasising the importance of respecting the animals’ boundaries to prevent unintentional harm.

6. Allergy Awareness:

Be mindful of potential allergies to pet dander. If you or someone in your group has allergies, take necessary precautions before entering the cafe. Similarly, cafes should provide information about the presence of animals for visitors’ awareness.

7. Responsible Enjoyment:

While immersing yourself in the joy of interacting with pets, prioritise responsible enjoyment. Be mindful of your well-being and that of the pets, ensuring a positive and secure environment for everyone involved.
A visit to a pet cafe can be a delightful and memorable experience when approached with care. By following these guidelines, you contribute to creating a harmonious space for both visitors and the beloved animal residents of the cafe.


In conclusion, being a pet owner entails a responsibility akin to nurturing a child. Unlike children, however, pets may not exhibit distress in the same manner, making it crucial for owners to be extra sensitive to their needs.

Pet cafes serve as valuable outlets for pets to let loose and express their natural behaviour.
For those without pets but harbouring a deep affection for animals, spending time at these pet cafes allows you to connect with furry friends, showering them with love and attention. The gratification comes when they reciprocate by taking a liking to you, or perhaps to your scent.


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