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How To Download Mega888 iOS

Every day we have a growing number of players who gamble casino games online, and that’s because playing is fun but making money through playing is more fun. You can therefore say that Mega888 is a dream come through for gamblers because it’s a trusted online gaming platform with thousands of games available for you to play. You don’t have to leave your house to catch some fun anymore, mega888 has brought the fun all the way from a land-based casino to your doorstep.

Being a part of this growing gaming community is quite simple, all you have to do is to follow the instructions that will be laid down in this masterpiece. But before we go on to list the steps, you should know that you have so much to gain if you play with a reputable platform like mega888 – you get access to unlimited free games, you become eligible for so many handsome rewards/bonuses that will be given from time to time, a wide range of payment methods are available for you unlike on land-based casinos where you have limited payment options. 

Mega888 offers you all the convenience you need if you choose them as your number 1 game provider, you’ll also get to accumulate loyalty points, you won’t encounter bugs and errors, chat rooms are also available to interact with other players like yourself, the compatibility of mega888 with any device makes gaming so exciting and easily accessible. Let’s not talk about their customer support because they’re one of the best and most active you’ll ever find today in the gambling world.

So, it’s time to get down to business because we want you to also experience all the goodness of mega888. For iOS device users, this piece will be of great help to you because you’ll be getting a step-by-step guide on how to download the mega888 app on your iOS device and start enjoying unlimited games and bets.

First and foremost, you’ll have to…



Register And Join A Membership

So the first step is joining a reliable membership with an online casino. Visit their website now to join them and become one of their lucky members with access to the mega888 iOS app and lots more.

After you’ve visited mega888’s website, click on ’join’ to begin your registration. Fill in your required details; username, password, confirm the password, input a referral ID if any, and proceed to click on the ’join now’ red button below.

It takes you to the next phase which is inputting your contact details including; your email, country code, phone number, your full name, and date of birth. Then click on the register button right below….congratulations! You’re now a registered member and you can proceed to login with your chosen username and password in order to be a step closer to your mission.



Download Mega888 iOS

Here comes the mega info you’ve been waiting to see! Now, this is how to download the mega888 app on your iOS device, please note that this app is only available for iOS and Android users.

So, to be able to get the mega888 iOS you have to log in to bk8king’s website after you must have registered. Then you click on ’SLOTS’ which displays a list of about 13 slot game providers and mega888 is proudly one of them.

Simply click on mega888 and it takes you to a new page where you’ll click on the red ’DOWNLOAD’ button below. Clucking on download takes you to another page where you’ll choose to download mega888 for iOS.

Once you’re done downloading it, you install and launch the mega888 App on your phone.

As you can see it’s no big deal, bk8king makes downloads easy, that is why you should register with them today, your membership gives you access to lots of amazing deals that you won’t easily get on some other online casino site.

When you download mega888,  expect to find the hottest trending games online, there is a game for everyone depending on your preferences. Be you a casual gamer looking for games to relax or a hardcore gambler looking for a challenge you’ll get all quality games on mega888.


If you are Android user, then you can learn how to download Mega888 APK for your Android device via the link below:




 Login And Enjoy your Game

The next step after installing your mega888 iOS app is to input your system-generated username and password that was given to you when you clicked on the download page of mega888 in step 2 above. You can simply copy and paste the details.

So now, you’re finally in! What’s next?!

Enjoy your numerous games of course!

Mega888’s iOS App as we have mentioned earlier has lots of game varieties from all types of Roulette games to poker, fishing games, live table card games, dragon tiger, and so on. Their terms and conditions are favorable, you will get to benefit from low minimum roulette bets, fair RNG, no house edge, instant settlements, and an impressive game interface.

Some of the featured games you can try on the mega888 iOS app are – wolf hunter, Motorcycle, dragon maiden, and steam tower. Mega888 just has the right content for you!

You don’t have to worry about security on the mega888 iOS app because they have the most sophisticated security systems in the online casino industry. Mega888 is licensed and accredited by multiple organizations and it regularly undergoes site maintenance to fix certain bugs and errors.

It’s pretty easy to get this app up and running on your iOS device, just follow the steps outlined above. Download Mega888 now to enjoy an unlimited bonus and unlimited rebate!


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