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How To Play Bingo Online For Beginners, 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Consider this article your ultimate guide to playing Bingo online in 2021. It has detailed information on everything you need to know about this game.

So if you’re new to this game and you want to learn how to play bingo, or you’re an old-time player that just wants to look up some basic information to be clear about something in the game, then this article is for you all.

Sit tight, read carefully and have fun!

What Is Bingo Online?

So many things come to mind when you think of Bingo, some see it as a game grannies play with friends every evening, while millions of others around the globe have been playing bingo for decades, they play both live and online.

Bingo has been around for decades, don’t be so shocked when I say it’s been around since1500 when it was first played in Italy as one of their traditional lottery games. From there, it has moved to France, Germany, North America, then Uk in the 1960s that has given bingo huge popularity around the world that has continued till this day.

Although as the years and decades went by, bingo kept evolving with modern technology. Bingo has tried to keep up with demands and trends in the form of bingo online. The game design has survived the test of time as we see in bingo halls and online today. Boxes featuring about 27 squares, laid out in rows and columns, with numbers randomly arranged in the boxes.

Whether you are playing traditional bingo or online bingo you are still focused on achieving a common goal, which is; crossing out all numbers on your ticket before anyone else.

Playing bingo online is fun, it improves your memory, social engagement, mood, and hand-eye coordination. Bingo online is thrilling.


How Does Bingo Online Work?

One key spec that has given bingo the popularity it has today is the simplicity of the game. The principles are easy to remember, you are so nearly to your first victory until you practice them thoroughly.

Here’s an explanation of how bingo operates online.

Much like a physical bingo game, online bingo is played directly by crossing the ticket number as called out.

The figures on your ticket must fit the numbers that the bingo caller pulls. So, as mentioned earlier, before anybody else can win the bingo game, you must cross all of the figures.

In bingo, each player has a card with rows of numbers, and they are called ”tickets” like you’ve been seeing above. The hardest part about playing bingo is keeping up with bingo calls, but don’t worry it has been automatically done for you if you’re playing online.

Also, if you are bothered about bingo’s online game schedule and when to play – it’s a game that requires multiple players, online bingo sites have games kicking off every minute, you won’t wait for too long when you log in to play. Bingo is always available 24/7.

Having known this, the next step is to sign into the bingo website you are playing with, then you…

Pick A Bingo Room

From the bingo page, the bingo lobby can be reached by clicking on the button “play bingo now”. Here you will see the ticket prices for each game, the prize offers available and the time the next game will kick start.

Decide On The Number Of Tickets For Each Game

Select the bingo game you’ll like to play and how many tickets you’ll like to buy. Please remember, the better the odds of winning the more tickets you purchase.

Called numbers are instantly labelled, and if you have won a prize, you are told, while cash winnings are directly added to the account balance.

Types Of Bingo Games

Various types of bingo games are sold online and the number on each ticket is slightly different

90-Ball Bingo

There are numbers in a 9×3 grid, and on every 90 balls, there are 15 numbers. Players purchase tickets with numbers drawn at random by the RNG built into the online bingo system.

The card has 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical lines.

Column 1 contains numbers 1-9, column 2 contains 10-19, and so on till the 5th column containing 81-90.

You can win 90-ball bingo in three ways; 1-line win -where you aim to be the first to complete a horizontal line in your ticket. 2-line win – you aim to complete any two horizontal lines in the same ticket. Finally, we have a complete home victory – where all the numbers on their cards are marked by the team.

75-Ball Bingo

Like the first bingo game, players must mark every number they call on their cards.

The ticket has 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns.

The letters from BINGO are each headed. Column B contains number 1-15, column I contains 16-30 and so on. The middle space in the card is free of numbers.

You can win using 3 main ways; you will need to either get 24 numbers, a specific pattern or vertical, horizontal/diagonal line.

80-Ball Bingo

This one is pretty easy for new gamers who wish to learn how to play bingo, it’s also known as shutter bingo. The grid is a 4×4 square containing 16 numbers. There are 4 columns with 4 different colours, and the numbers are shared between them.

The first column has numbers 1-20, second column 21-40 and so on till 80.

In this game, players can win or win by making patterns by filling out horizontal vertical/diagonal lines. The winning patterns are usually laid out before each game kicks off.

We also have 36-ball bingo and some other new types that have been added, depending on the gaming website you choose to play with.


Online Bingo Basic Rules And Guidelines

Bingo is an incredibly fun game that is so easy to play. That said, you must learn the rules to make the most of it. Land-based bingo and online bingo although they have slight differences, the basic rules remain the same.

Let’s have a close look at some of them:

  • Find the bingo game you want to play and buy your tickets. You don’t spend too much for Bingo Tickets, it has been inexpensive for everybody.
  • All tickets are made available before the start of each game.
  • Get ready to play.
  • The game starts when the first number is drawn at random. The number appears on your screen, if you have it then you mark the square off your card.
  • The numbers won’t stop generating at random until a player has crossed off all the numbers of their cards. After a winner for 1 line has been getting, it will continue to get a winner for two lines, the numbers will keep generating until we have a winner for a full hose win.
  • The winning cards are verified and prizes are paid.
  • The game ends! Purchase another ticket for the next game if you want to play again.


Please note that each round of bingo lasts for approximately 10 minutes. Also, online bingo players can harness these three options for marking off numbers on their tickets –

  • Autoplay
  • Best card sorting and
  • Best card highlighting

Final Words

If you have read this masterpiece up to this point, you’ll agree with us when we say learning how to play bingo online is not as difficult as you think.

This 2021 ultimate guide is all you need to gain prerequisite knowledge before playing bingo online or at bingo halls.

Study this guide carefully, play wisely, and we wish you mighty happy returns in your winnings.


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