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Fishing God Online Review

fishing god online fishing casino review

There are a lot of fishing games with real money exchange and attractive gifts, Fishing God is part of them. A lot of super interesting events take place every single day on this game, and players are assigned daily tasks, which is only to reduce the specified number of fishes given.

The Fishing God is packed with a lot of eye-catching features that are updated on a regular basis.

Introducing SpadeGaming – The Supplier of Fishing God

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The Malaysian market is well known for its fleet of software development companies, and SpadeGaming happens to be one of the most prolific of them all. It leads the others in the field of real money trading games, which entails a lot of games, in which the Fishing God game is often regarded as the most interesting of them all.

The publisher, after receiving their well-deserved license from Malta, develops its game products in other markets.

The Fishing God game is just one out of the numerous products of the ever-talented engineers that make up the bunch of SpadeGaming’s team to serve the players.

With a vision of reaching more users, the products of the SpadeGaming were introduced in different languages. Fishing God has been provided in English for the sake of the English users. So here now, fishing review would be providing all that is needed to be known by every player of the online fishing Malaysian game.

Review Fishing God

Without a doubt, Fishing God’s idea was drawn from the supermarket fishing game with a lot of VIP fishes and way more than 41Golden Dragon bosses.

You enjoy the luxury of shooting fishes to gain gold with many events daily with a crystal 3D view of the images. Players have to hunt every day on the daily tasks to receive additional rewards.

fishing god instruction

Players will be rewarded coins according to their individual time marks. You’re advised to log in your accounts at a certain to receive your free coins. It takes less than 3 seconds for your account to be rewarded when you hit a fish, this shows how fast this platform pays rewards.

And like every other fishing game, the rules do not change. Players can show off their best skills in combination with many different kinds of +/- tank guns to gun down even the most stubborn of all fishes in the colorful ocean. You have the option to adjust the level of bullets from 1-100, and the game’s features are updated on a regular basis.

As expected, this Fishing God has gained popularity and the community of its players has increased dramatically with a vast number of gamers, players make friends, get acquainted and exchange experiences amongst each other to be able to hunt down more fishes. Fishing GOD IS AVAILABLE in many different versions and can be run on multiple platforms like the computer, mobile, and tablet.

The publisher originated from china where there are uncountable games available. The fishing God is available for download on computers, and all other devices.

The Graphics of Fishing God

fishing god graphic

As correctly stated earlier, the game’s graphics are built with clear 3D images, with a combination of sea sound and waves whistling. All these create a fantasy of the Blue Ocean in the minds of the players.

The game’s graphics portray a design meticulously done to mesmerize all those that come in contact with it. The addition of sea sound elevates the user experience to the bliss level completely.

Sounds of the Ocean, waves, creatures swimming, and splash effect caused when the players hit or miss their targets also add to the originality and attractiveness of the game in total.

The Features of Fishing God

  • The game runs smoothly on all devices without any form of lag, with full sharp standard images to crown it all
  • There is no way you can run out of coins. Promotions are always there to provide for you, so you can play unlimited times without the fear of bankruptcy
  • As there are many fishes in the ocean, so are they in the game. You have varieties of fishes to choose from and you are also provided with high-quality guns and bullets
  • Privacy of personal information is assured
  • You receive gifts according to your ranking in hunts. So, the higher you rank, the more gifts you receive
  • Events take place simultaneously, so you can never have enough
  • Rewards are redeemed fast, with very attractive exchange rates
  • Customer service on standby 24/7 to attend to all your queries immediately

The Modes of Fishing Game

There are three modes in the game, the easy, normal, and hard modes. You have the option to choose whichever mode you would love to play. You can also improve your efficiency by inviting your friends to accompany you to the hunts.

fishing god levels

The minimum bet allowed in Fishing God is MYR 0.01

  • Amateur playroom (Easy): A bullet here is equivalent to 0.01 to 1 coin, which is perfect for new players.
  • Professional playroom (Normal): The amount needed to join this room is between 0.1 to 5 coins. You are tipped to join only if you have had experience in fish shooting for years
  • The Gunner Playroom (Hard): The elites roam here. This is meant for those who want to invest to make real money, it costs between 1 to 10c coins.

The Basic Guide for Fishing God

There are a few things that you need to understand before you play this online fishing game.

Your Balance: This is the change left in your account, each time you fire a bullet, your balance will be deducted an equivalent of the bullet you fired.

An example: If you choose a gun with a destructive power of 60, then each shot fired will lead to a deduction of 60 cents, as well as if you shoot down the Boss that is worth 500, your balance will be credited with 500 coins. Therefore, your profit is 500-60 = 440 cents.

Auto: This helps the player in aiming. Players can lock on a target fish until it is defeated or it swims off the screen.

This is a very useful function; you can successfully maximize your profits with this single strategy if you do it well.

Promotions for Fishing God

spadegaming fishing god bonus and promotion banner

Players will receive a number of rewards depending on their performances when they participate in TOP racing events.

You will receive corresponding attractive gifts based on your ability to complete tasks assigned to you. You can accumulate your points in your game account.

Gaming Platform

Players have the option to choose from the following to be able to play the fishing games. These include PC/laptop, Mobile, and Tablet

  • Computer version: players can use all regular browsers to access it, such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Mobile Version: the games can be enjoyed on both the IOS and Android platforms without any form of hindrance.

Players can easily access and manipulate the fishing games conveniently with the support on Mobile.

Customer Service

There is a standard customer relationship on the Fishing God platform. They are always available to support and answer all questions from the players such as the status of deposits or withdrawals.

Personal Opinion about the Fishing God

Personally, I would recommend this game for a couple of good reasons;

  • Simple operations, with easy gameplay that allows you to play and shoot down the fishes
  • Daily login rewards
  • It is cross platformed 
  • It is entertaining and rewards entertainment games.

Overall Review and Assessment of Fishing God

Like all fishing games, the rules on the Fishing God are no way different. But it has also been updated with many new features to allow players to enjoy extensively.

You can download the game with just a click into your device for your own personal experience.      

Fishing God would be the best game for you if you like your games to be relaxing.

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