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AllBet: Live Casino Review

Today, online casinos afford you the opportunity to take part in and also play in hundreds – and even thousands of games – a highly vast collection. Players sometimes even run into a problem trying to decide which of the games to take part in. live casino review on the AllBet Gaming Online Casino would tell you all you need to know about the gaming platform.

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AllBet Gaming Live Casino Review

A relatively new Asian game developer, yet one of the most visited gambling platforms, AllBet Gaming was established and created in the year 2014. The administrative team made their games open to European players as early as possible, even though it was initially focused on developing Malaysia live casino platforms targeted at Asian markets.

The company loves to come up with new ideas and innovations in the live gaming industry, providing live dealer games, and multiplay features, such as allowing one user to effectively handle and monitor as many as 12 scorecards and display up to 8, 16, or 32 tables on the screen. Its employees are knowledgeable in the field of online gaming, having up to 10 years of experience and expertise.

The mission and dream of the AllBet team are to create or develop the ultimate live gaming platform that exceeds and surpasses any competitor in performance and quality. They have manifested their creativity and expertise in the existing games (which you can find on their website) while looking to create a revolutionary live gaming system.

This is why, as a gaming platform gaining much popularity, it has been licensed by several gaming corporations such as the  Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and also others like the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission.

Located in the Philippines, the AllBet live studio is headquartered at PBCom in Makati Central Business District. Their facility covers 1500m with up to 400 employees.

AllBet follows the examples made by many Asian developers who love to fill their lobbies with as much information as possible. Its user interface may seem all cluttered up, but it helps the user to see and know all necessary details required for any option, that you may otherwise have to actively search for.

AllBet Games

allbet gaming dashboard

Casinos nowadays are known and recognized for their video slot productions being their best games. Let’s also consider live casino games, including baccarat and roulette. AllBet has got an exceptional commendation in this case, thanks to its high-quality performance and development for its live casinos; and the best of table games are streamed across to players at different locations the world over.

Also, due to its fairness and transparency, Baccarat featured in AllBet games takes a grand position. The Dragon and Tiger games also get ‘A’ grades, which are variations of Baccarat.

Different versions of other games, such as Roulette, are available too, which provide an awesome gaming experience for its players. Aside from its awesome live games, it actually features other games that can be played on mobile platforms, including the latest versions of iOS and Android operating systems. For players on mobile, all they need to do to enjoy the AllBet gaming experience is to download, install and verify the program. Downloads are free!


allbet baccarat

Live Baccarat is especially popular with Asian gamblers, and this is a well-known truth. It is an exciting online game, that connects a real human dealer with several players. This live game virtually brings you up close and personal to a real casino, without having to physically visit one. Seeing as the AllBet gaming service targets Asian gamers, it is actually expected for AllBet to tailor and design its Live Baccarat gaming service according to the needs of its Asian users.

Standard and no-commission live dealer baccarat modes are played with 8 decks of cards, as included in its lobby. Every version shows you a very obvious visual counter displaying the time for placing bets, detailed info on past game rounds to the right, as well as a live feed occupying a substantial aspect of the screen and five standard road maps. Rounds usually last for 25 seconds only, but if a user decides to enter the quick hall then every round lasts 15 seconds.

What’s more, as a player, you have control of your gaming environment and preferences.


allbet roulette

A world-famous casino game, the Roulette was named after the French term for “wheel”. The game mainly involves placing bets on either a single number or groupings of numbers or for one color between red or black, odd or even numbers, high numbers (19-36) or low (1-18).

Next, a croupier spins the roulette wheel towards a certain direction to determine the winning number and color, with a ball spinning towards the opposite direction around a tilted circular track running around the wheel’s outer edges. With time, the ball loses its momentum and passes through an area of deflectors, ultimately falling on to the wheel, right into 37 or 38 colored numbered pockets of the wheel.

These colored and numbered pockets on the wheel are dependent on its roulette-style; either a Single/Zero French/European style or a double zero American style. If you placed a successful bet, then congrats! Your winnings are credited to you instantly.

Live Dragon or Tiger

allbet dragon tiger

This is a game in which every player makes a stake on which player among the two will draw the higher card. At even money, this bet pays out timelessly, while in the event of a tie, a player receives 50% of their bet. In this sort of bet, the Dragon on Tiger doesn’t receive a higher value card, making the game result in a draw.

The Dragon Tiger game is usually described by Asian developers as a poker game, but it is more similar to Baccarat. The only distinguishing factor lies in the one card dealt with each side. Highest RTP is 96.30, with the game using 6 decks, and offering only basic bets. Dragon and Tiger pay even amounts, and a tie pays 8:1.

Live Sic Bo

allbet sicbo

AllBet has got another awesome live game, the Live Sic Bo which is mainly played with 3 dice shaken in a glass container operated by a machine. Guessing the outcome is the main objective of this game, with a lot of related betting options you can choose from. The top payout is 150:1 and is delivered by specific triples, which are standard in Live Sic Bo games. Live Baccarat is similar to the Live Sic Bo in terms of layout, with an exception of the history panel that displays an overview of Odd/Even outcomes, dice numbers and sums.

AllBet Security

The company continues to bring innovations and capabilities over time, which has caused it to rise favorably among its competitive market over the years. Outstanding credibility based achievements are adhered to by the gaming establishment to create an equitable, fair and highly secure entertainment platform for its users. GLI certification too has been issued to its live platforms and studio systems by an external test agency of high repute, which just goes to show its trustworthiness and transparency. So rest assured, as a player, you can get one of the best gaming system services in terms of security, so go ahead and enter the tournament, and start winning millions!

AllBet Gaming Payment Methods

Deposits, withdrawals, efficiently, and are possible for every user, whenever they wish to play using real money stakes. The only drawbacks regarding its payment methods are the limitations involved with the number of ways through which you can make your deposits and withdrawals.

Deposits: To make a deposit on your game or account, you would have to speak with customer support first so you can get instructions on what to do and also process your transaction. After the transaction has been processed, you’ll be required to send your transfer receipt to the customer support so that your funds are immediately made available. Deposits are done via bank transfers.

Withdrawals: Withdrawals, as well as deposits, are done using the same method, which is bank transfer. With bank transfers, your payments and withdrawals are made available in your bank account within a period of four to seven days.

allbet mobile
AllBet Mobile

AllBet Review: Pros and Cons



Now, let’s look at the loads of good stuff that AllBet Online Casino Gaming brings with it:

Cutting Edge Streaming Technology

AllBet gaming site is highly advanced, with a high-quality gaming system, and HD visuals. These have gone a long way to increase the gaming process, and players can observe every detail and action of the dealer, and also how the game is conducted from the beginning to the end. This awesome technology standard, assures users of extra security of personal information and data, giving players peace of mind.

Live Chat Feature 

An advanced live gaming service, participants in the game can chat with other players, and also the dealer. This makes them love and enjoys the game even more, because of the personal connection that has been established. Another great feature is that it also offers an option to customize the tables and determine the specifications just the way the players want. Deals and bonuses are also available for their users, which spurs them to keep on playing.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

AllBet 24/7 live casino lets you enjoy an online gaming experience and have fun playing your favourite casino games anywhere, anytime. It has got an accessible gaming system that lets you start or enter your preferred online casino game in seconds, with attractive live dealers to enhance your gaming experience.

The games run on an HTML interface and can be accessed and enjoyed to the full, on mobile. There are no hassles involved with searching for the game you want to play, and you can get started in a matter of seconds.


Generally, AllBet Gaming definitely brings a lot of good stuff with it, but now let’s look at its major cons in detail:

Limited Range of Games

AllBet Gaming provides the most popular set of casino games, but nevertheless, their diversity and range can not be compared to the real-life version of a casino. It offers Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Tiger games which is significantly limited. A lot of expenses, therefore, are required for it to be run efficiently and AllBet only offers the most prevalent and searched casino games.

Slightly Different Casino Setting

Although the AllBet online casino does well to simulate a real casino setting, its appearance still differs in some ways from a real casino setting, and this is usually a drawback for users of AllBet.


allbet gaming
  • AllBet Gaming, a relatively young casino provider, has risen in the ranks to become one of Asia’s best in its niche, steadily building up its portfolio over the past few years with awesome, high-quality games that are guaranteed to appeal to its targeted market. They have also made a substantial investment as an extra effort to ensure that more functionalities and features are added to their services, making them further established than their competitors. However, their success in the European market still lies in the near future.
  • AllBet offers lots of bonuses and promotions for new players and old ones, having a really high probability to boost your bankroll. Also, its security is top-notch, meaning you can rest assured that your gaming and transaction information is safe on AllBet.
  • There are thousands of games available on AllBet, giving gamblers a rich variety of choices. Its gaming experience is plain excellent, with HD graphics, sound effects, and animations. AllBet is supported and powered by lots of online casino software providers.
  • AllBet is rated to offer the best customer care and support services, meaning that your inquiries, issues or queries are attended to timelessly which further enhances the gaming experience for each user or player. Customer support can be contacted in several ways too.
  • AllBet is known to have such limited funding, payment and withdrawal methods, which indicates that there is little to no flexibility when it comes to either withdrawing winnings or depositing money.
  • AllBet online gaming has a mobile casino app that can be downloaded and installed from your smartphone device, allowing you to take part in your favourite games whenever you wish to.
  • A casino that motivates its players to earn more by offering promotions, AllBet offers more than just awesome gaming experiences. It gives every player value in many ways, with numerous chances to win cash.
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