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Ever wondered how it would feel to play games and bet online in the safest of manners? Ever considered the possibility of trusting an online gaming partner that had your needs and security perpetually at the back of their hands? If you ever have, then serendipity has brought us together. You have no need to worry about these while making your bet on Esports – Inplay Matrix.

Inplay Matrix is Asia’s leading internet gaming partner. Inplay Matrix which is also names (IM ESports) is the largest internet gaming product distributor in Asia hosting over 700 clients and almost 1000 brands. The vast and deeply-rooted global network gives us the initiative when it comes to exercising our authority as an iGaming partner.

IM ESports is wholly centred around three core philosophies:

  • Trust
  • Entertainment
  • Growth
IM Esports-Trust


In the world of fast internet and lightning-speed connectivity, it’s easy to open up your Google and find a plethora of gaming sites online. However, this abundance comes with a very frightening reality. Many gaming sites available online dance to the tune of fraudulence and insecurity. Countless experiences tell the tale of unreliable settlements, sub-par services, and incompetent interactivity. At IM ESports, they understand all these and that’s why they took extra steps to make sure they are like no other on the iGaming market. Through years of improvement and innovation, they have been able to take our platforms to profound levels of efficiency in order to ensure that the trust of our operators, clients, and brands will always be secured and guaranteed.



What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t have a little fun whilst you’re at it? At IM ESports, they are heavily invested in creating a supremely entertaining atmosphere for all their clients. Of course, they foster and actively nurture the spirit of competition with the games, but they also ensure that all of the gaming categories and platforms are as entertaining as can be. Matching the right levels of competition with entertainment is what IM ESports strives for as an iGaming market leader. From their Sportsbook categories to our famed IM Esports, IM GameZone, Slots, Live Casinos, Board Games, Lottery, Fishing, and so much more, our focus is always and will always be to ensure that you have the most quality experience possible.

IM Esports-Growth


It’s difficult to find a platform that is as interested in your growth as it is in your indulgence. At IM ESports, we like to view our relationship with our players and clients as a sort of mutually beneficial partnership; one wherein we both play our parts to substantially increase the worth of the other, something called player-platform Growth. At IM ESports, we do this by ensuring that not only do you get access to the best and most competitive odds but also that your bets are tendered and settled as quickly as possible. We know how frustrating it can be to invest in something worthwhile and be anxious about it. So we do our best to make sure you get the maximum possible returns for every cent you put in. This and more constitutes our growth strategy, and we’re sure you’d love to be a part of it.

IM ESports ALWAYS puts the considerations of its players, clientele, and brands first. We are in the business of creating Opportunities and spurring growth across our span of influence. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s show you why we’re the best. Come on and get your Game on!

What Is IM Esports?


Picture this: A platform designed by Gamers for Gamers. A perfectly virtual world where you can play the most mesmerizing games betting at IM Esports, whilst playing with unbelievable odds and cashing out with unbelievable speed and efficiency. Sounds like a Gamer’s Paradise yeah? Well, welcome to your Gamer’s Paradise!

IM Esports is a revolutionary game hosting and esports betting site developed and founded by a team of professional esports players in conjunction with IM ESports, Asia’s leading iGaming market partner. On IM Esports, you have at your disposal a myriad of games with a myriad of features. Let’s explore a couple of them.

Unique Combo Markets

In the IM Esports arena, you have the option of placing bets and wagers in combination across a unique set of gaming fields and markets. By making this option available, you not only substantially reduce your risk, but you also greatly maximize your potential gain per cent dropped! This factor stands out significantly from parlay betting (accumulator or single betting) as you do not completely fail once a selection is wrong. Sounds great yeah?!


Highest Maximum Bet Limits on the Planet

In the IM Esports arena, you have the juicy option of going all-in or going home. With the platform accommodating the highest maximum bet limits in the world, you have the option of placing bets in the range of (inserts highest maximum bet figure here according to IM Esports). With this, although your risk is much greater, you stand a beautiful chance of winning big!

Localized Sports Content

On the IM Esports platform, the developers realized that there’d be an immense number of players playing and betting from all over the world. With this realization in mind, they developed the arena to host games and sports content from very many parts of the world. This introduces localized content to the field, ensuring that players have the most relatable experiences while playing. This relatability just makes winning even more enjoyable.


Instant Bet Settlement

It can be really frustrating for you to have to wait interminably before your bets are settled. IM ESports created a scenario where your bets are settled almost instantaneously following the conclusion of an event. They also go the extra mile and strive for the highest possible quality experience, ensuring that for even live betting cases, bets are settled quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

Most in-play Matches and Markets

In-play matches are games that are already in play. In the IM Esports arena, we offer seamless connections between the in-play matches and the in-play matched bets. This means that you have the option of betting after the match has started with fast-paced in-play odds that match your enthusiasm.

Intelligent Risk Management

In sports and games betting, the risk is a constant. Everyone wants to lower their risk and maximize their returns. But how can you strike a balance between both worlds? On the IM Esports, they employ innovative and sophisticated risk management tools, as well as accurate mathematical algorithms to intelligently manage the risk on our platform (and protect our players from fraudulent gaming and betting activities). IM ESports also has in its arsenal an experienced set of expert risk managers. Together, these systems work hand in hand to greatly automate the rate at which risk is managed on the entire platform, resulting in seamless and efficient competitive gameplay for all.

Professional Odds Management

Odds are extremely critical to the viability of any game’s betting activity. Odds represent the probability of an event happening and thus, dictate how much money you can accrue if your bet wins. The more your odds, the higher the potential win, and the higher the risk. By managing odds and the variability that exists within, IM Esports greatly guarantees a smooth, enjoyable, and profitable betting environment for all its gamers.

Of course, these are just a few of the features that IM Esports brags about. By infusing technology and professional expertise, they have created an environment that is not only great for gamers but also profitable and secure for betters.

IM Esports Games List

Includes Games

What would the IM Esports gaming platform be without GAMES?! On the IM ESports platform, they host quite an exhaustive number of games, the depth of which they cannot possibly hope to explore here. To get a feel of how comprehensive their gaming categories are, you’ll have to sign up and check out IM Esports games for yourself. Nevertheless, let’s give you a taste of some of IM ESports top games:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • CSGO
  • Rocket League
  • HearthStone
  • Arena of Valor (AOV)
  • StarCraft
  • OverWatch
  • World of Tanks
  • Tom Clancy’s RAINBOW SIX SIEGE
  • Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds
  • NBA2K
  • FIFA

…And so much more.

IM ESports games are professionally regulated and feature custom integration to ensure a smooth experience. Additionally, they host high-powered leagues and multiplayer tournaments which are spread evenly around the year. IM ESports covers all major leagues and players within these leagues can participate in hundreds of matches per month with a 10,000+ odds market made available to them. Isn’t that insane!!?


User Interface Design

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the graphics of a PlayStation embedded within your laptop or mobile device?

The developers of the IM Esports platform had in mind to create not only a gaming environment but also an impressive virtual experience. The stunning, aesthetically pleasing, and mind-blowing visual interface is one that players and fans will greatly appreciate.

The User Interface (UI) in an in-play scenario features interactive bars, icons, and buttons designed to engage the players on a never before seen level. With various features designed to show ranks, teams, points, odds, live bets, live odds, in-play games and accompanying odds, Parlay betting options, timing, multiplayer components, and so on, it’s no wonder that the platform is one of the best in user engagement and interaction.

Device Compatibility

IM Esports supports Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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