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Fishing War

Fishing War

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Fishing War: Online Fish Shooting Review

fishing war online fishing casino review

Ever since a lot of people have turned from the normal fish hunting games at supermarkets or entertainment spots to online fish shooting games, there has never been a time fishing war has left the top spot on the list.

Fishing war is one of the products of outstanding Malaysian game makers, SpadeGaming, who is known all around Malaysia and its axis for their brilliance when it comes to creating betting products. So here now, fishing review would be providing all that is needed to be known by every player of the online fishing Malaysian game.

SpadeGaming- Who are they?

Founded around 2007, the game Spade organization was formed by a group of talented designers, professional engineers, and visionary entrepreneurs. Wading through the years, SpadeGaming has become the leading game software developers and they are best known for the undeniable Malaysian elements in their games.

SpadeGaming provider

The games offered by SpadeGaming are interesting and most importantly, the cross-platform enabled, that is, they can be accessed and played on all devices. SpadeGaming was seen to be developing more quality products and services, which is an indication that they are ready to become the most prolific game provider in Malaysia and its environs.

Featured Products

SpadeGaming also provides other outstanding slot games aside from the two famous shooting games. Some of which include;

  • Fishing War
  • Fishing God
  • Heroes (Slot Games)

Fishing War Game Modes

The fishing war game comes with different levels of fishing modes. Junior, expert, and Godlike with each of these modes having different bullet prices.

  • Junior Mode, also called Amateur has a bullet cost price of around 0.01 – 1 coin
  • Expert Mode has a bullet cost price of around 0.1 – 5 coins
  • Godlike Mode (God) comes with a bullet price of about 1 – 10 coins

The price of the bulk of each bullet has to be multiplied by 10 to show how much the player has to pay. There is a mandatory maximum amount of people allowed to be in each room, to cut off any form of mixing coming from other playrooms, so there will be no need to worry about the situation whereby there are too many players in a single room.

In traditional fish shooting games, there are no such restrictions as there can be up to 10 – 12 players snatching each other’s fish in a single game room. In the Shooting fish online game, such does not happen as it has been taken care of by the restrictions placed.

Fishing War Feature

For maximal output when it comes to winnings, there is a need for the players to use the specified items and features of the online shooting fish game product. Here below are some of the little things that all players need to keep in mind before playing the games.

fishing war instructions
  • Your Position – There is a part with + and – sign on the gun’s barrel which allows players to adjust the aim whether to shoot up or down. 
  • Target the Object – Given that there is a need for aiming, this feature is added so that when players click on the targets, it will shoot the fish automatically until it is destroyed, or until it swims off the entire screen.
  • Auto Firing – Just like the aim feature, the player only has to manually set his target at the object to free the gun barrel and shoot until the target goes down or leaves the screen entirely.
  • Menu – Situated on the right side of the screen, this button allows players to check their betting history, make changes to the game settings like audio and visual effects, check on previous payouts or leave the game entirely.
  • Tips – Destroying the game’s Dragon King gives the player up to x300 value of the normal winnings.

Graphic Design

Fishing War has received uncountable reviews from the shooting fish’s community on the good side since its introduction to the fish shooting game market.

Boasting of unparalleled 3D graphics with sharp sounds, there is no doubt the quality of the experience the shooting online fish game has for its players. The interactive environment and rhythm of the game altogether generate a thrilling feeling for the players as they move from one level to another seamlessly. Players battle down in the Ocean in an unrelenting fight of the best crews, all battling for a treasure that only belongs to one winner.

Gaming Platform

The fishing war shooting game is basically perfect when a player plays on a PC or a Laptop. It is easier for player’s use and easy for them to get acquainted with it.

The online fishing casino Malaysia gaming interface is designed by the best engineers and user interface and experience designers to be the most user-friendly interface that has ever been in existence in the Malaysian Fishing War market. Players can access the game freely from their mobile and tablets of various browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox among a host of others. 

There is also a recommendation from us to everyone that wishes to play on the application. Our application contains all the functionality and can help you sort everything without hindrance and with a strong performance on either the IOS or Android platforms.

The Bonuses of Playing Fishing War

fishing war bonus and promotions banner

There have always been questions asked by the players of different online fishing wars if there are any attractive bonuses available in fishing wars. You are lucky, as there are early and attractive bonuses available for new players as well as old players and patrons. There is also a slot to join the extended bonus program which is meant for the VIPs only.

Customer Support

There is a 24hr per day, 7 days a week online customer support available only in English on the Online Fishing War platform. Players are expected to contact the dealers through the contact lines stated below for immediate and effective responses in little or no time at all;

Where can I play the Fishing War?

fishing war online

At online fishing Malaysia, we recommend you play shooting fish online game on our well-equipped platform only, which is far better than the traditional offline shooting games for reasons well stated below;

  • Transparency – Information Security – Safety
  • More Bonuses
  • The use of real money
  • Convenient and fast
  • Easy function and up-to-date support for players
  • Easy Payment

Before you decide to pick or play a booker, you should pay total attention to the dealer and how much promotion they have to offer you as a player. You can as well check on us at the online casino Malaysia as we also offer the following as incentives;

  • 24/7 Customers services
  • More fish shooting games than normal (up to 5)
  • Up to 50% welcome package promotion
  • We support quick and effective payments
  • We also offer VIP programs 

Other fishing games in online fishing Malaysia

We also offer other games like the fishing God, Fishing War, GG Shoot n Fish, SA Shooting and PT Shooting Fish.

Tips when playing Fishing War

It is highly recommended that players understand the rules, tips, and regulations of the online fish shooting game in order to optimize their advantages as there is a popular saying that says “to know oneself is true Progress”

fishing war paytable

We have taken our time at the online fishing Malaysia to help the players list a few of the things they need to keep in their minds before they embark on game playing

  • Bonus: The amount of Bonus depends quite a lot on the player’s ability to calculate, so there is a huge recommendation from us in using small numbered bullets to shoot small fishes and big numbered bullets to shoot big fishes or the Boss.
  • Payout Table: Players need to watch carefully to know how to plan as each fish cost a different amount of money
  • Items: There are certain items that fall out accidentally during each gameplay. Players are advised to aim for them to take good advantage of them.
  • Boss: There are a lot of bonuses attached to Bosses like the Mermaid and Golden Turtle, this makes them more difficult for players to aim and shot down. And as new players, it is advisable to focus on the small fishes first.

Fishing War Pros and Cons

 It is the life story of a fishing pirate who is leading his army into a vast sea searching for the treasure hidden by a big fish inside the ocean. The only task of the player is to help the Pirates destroy the fish and retrieve the Treasure from the Big Fish which is also known as the Boss.


Fish War is easily one of the top games in the world today with its unmatchable graphics and ultimate gaming experience which is simply irresistible.

Final Thoughts on the Fishing War

The fishing war, although new, has gotten the attraction off its forerunners like the GG or SA shooting games. It is online and has taken professional aspects such as Features + Interface + Rewards into serious account, and with these, it is said to be suitable for play by anyone anywhere!

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