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Spadegaming has little difference from other games. Basically, it is an Asian-based slot machine gaming where the bet is placed to make money. We are no longer in the era where betting was hosted in betting centers, where people have to be there to submit their bets. In this present day and age, there are trusted betting portals all over the internet for outdoor gaming. Betting games have been played on numerous occasions over the years and the main ones have not been working properly. They have actually cost a lot of money.

However, looking at the positives, we have discovered that some of them have turned out ok as well. They have been extensively passed and the reason being that they proved to be advantageous in passing the systems.

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SpadeGaming is a company based in Asia with a lot of unparalleled technology, boundless creativity, and innovative spirit. It is all about Asian culture. It gives you the gaming experience you may never have had before and all the games are available on android.

After conquering the Asian sub-continent and acquiring MALTA GAMING AUTHORITY (MGA) license, it is seriously hoping to extend its varieties of games and services to Europe. Now, let’s read about the games and how they are played.



spadegaming online casino review

We believe that SpadeGaming is the pioneer in the gaming industry today. It can be successful in the case of running bets for a side business, whether you’re coming home from work after a hard day, or just sitting down at home doing nothing. If you put in a specific amount of money or you use a betting strategy that is right, you can actually benefit a lot from this.

At any moment in time, you can get access to SpadeGaming once you have a cell phone and internet access. When it comes to playing and placing bets, it is very feasible. You don’t have to be present physically and there’s no specific time for it, and you can sit down at the comfort of your home, or be doing your daily commute while playing it, you just need to have an electronic device with an internet connection. Also, you have to be intellectually sound.



The well-known notion and influence that people have of gamblers all over the world are being changed by SpadeGaming, with their exquisite casino staples that are of high quality. It is rapidly spreading, and in the coming years, they’ll keep cutting through the noise, with a high number of Asian-based players all over the world and its recent expansion to Europe. We’ll do a thorough SpadeGaming slot review for you by looking at their betting strategies, the gameplay, the slot machines games featured, its advantages and disadvantages, the wining rate, its designs, and their amazing bonuses and promotions.




‘Heroes’ is a slot machine game that is untouched and has a lot of adventures with four heroes in it, with each of them having a unique style and ability, giving the players an experience like never before. The developers portrayed the characters as Asian Legends.

If you really want to get into the game, you have to turn your screen brightness on.  Now you can “Bring It On!” with graphics that are of high quality and immersive music.



A bet has to be placed and the wheel spun at first. The main game starts immediately after 25 hero counts. To help a player in the game, a hero will be randomly selected.

Rewards are given if, in the course of playing the main game, things that belong to a hero that has been selected come on screen.



We’ll recommend that you first of all set the bet amount to a minimum and bets has to be placed, based on the game. Bots will cost you a lot of money, so don’t try to auto-spin.  Bots can beat the intelligence of humans. If you know that you won’t lose money, even after playing for a while, you can increase the amount you’re betting, seeing as the game is one of its kind.



Is there anybody that does not need magic in their life? Especially when you’re really bored and don’t have other things to do. This world of magical lamp we’re about to review is one where flying carpets are real and genies are no longer myths. That Genie you dream of as a child, is part of the game also. You’ll find symbols that merge together to form a huge surprise in the valley of magic, meanwhile all the players have to do is to rub the magical lamps.



The heroes and this slot machine game have the same theme, the difference is the uniqueness that is this game with the 5 stripes it has (reels). To play the game, players have to place bets in small quantities, then spin the wheel. The player gets rewarded if after spinning, five images appear on the screen. 



This slot machine game is a bit tricky. We’ll advise players to bet at least 1% of the total credit. Compared to betting higher or lower, here there are higher chances of the games bonus and free game is activated. Do not play in settings that involve fast spinning. The chances of bonus games are significantly reduced like this. 



This game is deliciously designed for people with a sweet tooth, to help Hikari Chan start her business and make sure it’s running without having to handle a mortgage or the diploma. In the game, Hikari Chan, who is the baker, tries doing the job on her own. But, no matter how hard she tries, the business is not growing, so in order to get new clients, Hikari Chan decides to run promotions. Will Hikari Chan get the support she needs for her business from you?


A bet is placed by the player, and then he or she let the wheel take a spin and it runs its course. Things can be won by the players, either from the right-side ones or from the leftmost reels.

The player gets paid twice the reward if after spinning a wheel, five wild images appear. However, the slot machine game has its limitations, like the fact that you can only spin thrice in the same spin.



Payouts in this game are bigger than the other games that we have discussed. If executed in the player’s favor, a fortune is paid when a re-spin which is God’s mode is done.

Based on the research that we’ve carried out, manual spinning is not so efficient, compared to playing at auto spin mode. More than normal playing mode, when you play at auto spin mode, the odds of jackpots are increased.

You get cakes served to you by your favorite baker while enjoying a cup of tea. You win either way.



Where are the lovers of single slot and animations? While receiving amazing rewards, we’ll leave you baffled as to the roar of the mighty dragon praising you. This is a single-slot game that is very fast. Nowadays, the styling, font and overall graphics of the game are hard to find. This game is a masterpiece.



This single pay line game works like the old cinema, with pulleys and constant spinning of the wheel.

All of you have to do is place a bet and spin the wheel, and you’re rich if three dragons appear on the screen in the same pattern.



The saying, “Slow and steady wins the race” works well for this slot machines game, as it is a single-lined game with the bets being placed in small amounts instead of putting all your money at once.

To get a handle of this game, the best strategy is to bet 0.5-1% of the total credit and allow the game to play itself. You should expect a losing streak if you frantically played the game.



Where are those who believe in karma, fortune, good luck, and Asian symbols?

FAFAFA awaits you, so get ready to spin the wheel. This game is set in an environment whereby the main centerpiece is the numbers, the 3D Asian sound effects, amazing GUI, the sparkly alphabets and warm colors are features of the game.



The rules of this game are easy. Spin the wheel after placing a bet, based on your desire. For ease of playing, autopilot is available in this game.



Don’t be scared of placing high bets seeing as one wheel has just three reels on it. There’s a WILD contained on each reel, and in each spin, the rewards are multiplied by x2 and x3.

Players are advised to play in the fast spin setting while playing this slot machines game. Let your bet be a little higher than the others at the range between 2-3% of your total credit. With this, the free games will pop up more often.



spadegaming slots

SpadeGaming has a lot of betting games for you, apart from the ones mentioned above, and what is amazing is the fact that playing and betting on the games are easier than investing money in the business while praying it grows. Here are some of the games we tested and found exciting:

⚔️ Gangster Axe ⚔️ Dragon Empire ⚔️ Dancing Fever
⚔️ Mr. Chu Tycoon ⚔️ Gold Panther ⚔️ Wow Prosperity
⚔️ Three Lucky Stars ⚔️ Brothers Kingdom ⚔️ Triple Panda
⚔️ Pan Fairy ⚔️ Money Mouse ⚔️ Princess Wang
⚔️ Fishing War ⚔️ Zeus ⚔️ Jungle King


A lot of people all over the world enjoy playing video games, and most of them love betting on it. What if both betting and gaming are combined in such a way that you can feel the adrenaline rush that can be provided by betting alone. In our SpadeGaming online casino review, we believe that this idea was converted by SpadeGaming into the approach, formulated and then was executed.

SpadeGaming is set to enter the European market that is filled with people who want to make quick cash, after its huge success in Asia.




It is obvious that making money is the reason why people bet. People used to go to local casinos from time to time in the past to play the slot machines or place a bet on a sports event. Instead of spending your time and effort going to the local casino, SpadeGaming has made it easier for people to bet at the comfort of their homes where they are safe.



Instead of just the normal money, you make from your daily 9 to 5 job, has it ever occurred to you that you could make more money? Have you been to a local event and tried winning cash? What matters the most is the feeling of excitement and triumph that you get from winning!

The possibility of you making more cash than you’ve ever won through SpadeGaming is very high.



Games designed by SpadeGaming are way easier to play than other games like placing bets while playing poker or cards. Here the only thing you need to do is to click the spin bottle and see what happens.


In SpadeGaming everything is encrypted, so your money is safe. Don’t worry yourself, it is recognized as one of the online casinos that are very reliable and trusted.



There are more than a hundred slot machine games designed by SpadeGaming that you can explore for a while. They also have exciting music and sound, with designs that are like fireworks.

Also, another advantage of SpadeGaming is the amazing bonuses they offer.

SpadeGaming Banner



Most times people go to gaming centers to interact and meet other people who they can share betting stories with, but with the evolution of online gaming and interactive apps, people are gradually losing touch with reality. Now people are now seeing this means of making money as their primary source of income, instead of it being for entertainment and making extra cash.


Everything is not always going to be rosy in life. One moment you’re winning, and the next moment you’re losing. This might be the case in this situation. We also lost some money when we tried and tested it. This game can be overwhelming, even though it can be fun and entertaining. We’ll speak from experience, and keep our thoughts on losing money in this game genuine and legit.

In the field of online gaming, both the advantages and disadvantages of betting are equally active.



Spadegaming designs

SpadeGaming does not have casino tables, live tables or multiplayer options. Nevertheless, you are being offered varieties of options like lucky spin, video slot, candy pop, virtual race and a host of other games available in SpadeGaming.

The games are available in many currencies and different languages.


The top games with the best winning ratio are:

    • CAI SHEN 888
    • FAFAFA
    • HEROES

Based on statistics, the combined winning ratio of these five games is way higher than what casinos have to offer at 61%. So then what is keeping you? Start playing now.



We believe that in today’s era, it is the pioneer in the gaming world. Whether you’re coming home from work or sitting at home idle, it has proved to be fruitful when it comes to running bets for people in their free time or making additional income. If you use the right strategies and put in a specific amount of money, you can actually benefit from SpadeGaming.

With their beautiful and high-quality casino staples, SpadeGaming is changing the preconceived notion that people have of gamblers and it’s also influencing gamblers all over the world.

It is really spreading fast and they will continue to cut through noises in the coming years, with a large number of Asian-based players all over the world, and with them expanding to Europe also.

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