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XE88 entered into the online gaming market in the year 2018, and this slot games online casino has been notable in just two years of start-up. Its users shared some good comments about the gaming platform. And there have been over a million updates registered to their android mobile device. For an online gaming platform that has been in existence for just two years, this is a good achievement. Unlike different other well-known offline and online casino websites, most of the XE88 games are influenced by the communities in Asia and this is also similar to XE88 Malaysia.

As of now, this online gaming platform can be accessed in countries in the Southeastern part of Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. However, XE88 success keeps on increasing at a very fast rate and I think they will soon acquire a license to function in more countries outside the Southeastern Asia region.

As the years go by, the online gaming platform is increasing more than the previous years. According to research, the online gaming industry has been evaluated and predicted to be worth over $40 billion by the year 2024. This industry is growing at a fast rate because of the convenience this online gaming platforms give their users to game, bet on their favorite games or sports. At the moment, in the comfort of their home/office, anyone can bet on their favorite slot game or racing game using a smartphone.

Video slot games and among the most well-known online poker games are played by most gamers at online casinos. With the travel restriction made by most policymakers of so many countries due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, participating in online gambling rather than face-to-face gambling is convenient and healthier in your region.

If you are a gamer that prefers online casino more than the physical building casino, then XE88 online casino is what you need to try out now. They have more than 112 games with specific rules and different features that any gamer can play. Aside from the video slot games, there are several gaming types like adventure games, driving games, logic games, actions arcade games, etc. when you visit their website. Many types of their games are displayed on their homepage and to have a feel, just click on the one you like to watch and enjoy the experience right away.


Games user Can Enjoy On The Platform

As mentioned before, XE88 is one of the online casino platforms that has a large collection of game choices. When you are on this site with all certainty you will find one or more games that you will desire. This online casino company is in affiliating with some of the greatest game and software developers in gaming and gambling entertainment.

All of these developers are real-time gaming company that has a complete license for game production in order to develop and create casino games. The table games, racing games, and video slot games are the most well-known types of games on the XE88’s website. Here are some of the well-known games that they offer:

  • Golden sluts game
  • Greenlight game
  • Crystal waters game

Of the aforementioned game, you can select at least one or more that you find interesting and have an exciting experience. The game title indicates what the games are all about. so if your a newbie on this website, just read through the names of the games and pick any title that sounds appealing and fun. It is also good to take note that XE88 still changes the list of its titles. so, it is possible to see a new game that wasn’t mentioned earlier due to that by the time you read this article it hasn’t been updated.


Graphic Designs And Features Of The Game

The gaming user interface on this online casino website is user-friendly; straightforward, easy navigation because of new users who might be lacking expertise in gambling. This is also completely intricate to ensure that amateur gamblers will not get distracted when playing on this platform. The animation and sounds developed in this game will keep gamers amazed and aware as well as removing boredom when they are participating in the game.

The sounds in the game are not disruptive but make the gamer to be attentive to the game. There is also an option to silence it if you are not a fan of vibration. This is also relevant if you decide to play the game on your mobile device. For example, when you choose to play the game in a public place without an earphone.

When it comes to colors, the XE88 are perfect in their choice. Most of the game features have one or more colors related to every culture in the Asian region, some of the colors are black, purple, and red. For the games offered by XE88, these colors are properly combined to make the games very appealing and fun to watch. One of the important aspects of XE88 is that they made buttons to be simple to access when gaming. For a newbie who is playing the driving game for the first time will quickly see a start, accelerate, and stop keys. This enhances customers’ experience and for them to enjoy this platform.

Security Of XE88

This platform uses the 128-bit encryption technology that means that all users who sign-up on this website, their personal information are encrypted. So be rest assured whenever you are on this website that your data is secured and will not undergo any exchange with any third party.

The XE88 company is built by an advanced technology developer and this company manages the game infrastructure to ensure the application is proof against fraud 24 hours every day. If your issue is your data protection and safety, this platform is among others that you can trust. The customer support team is available 24 hours and 7 days a week and they are always trustworthy to address any questions, complaints you may have using its app.

All you have to do is to email the customer service center if you have any questions and be rest assured that you will get the right answers you need. XE88 once in a while goes off due to that the platform might be taken down for repairs for just a few days. But before this is done, administrators get in touch with users early enough to inform them of it.

Maintenance is always done at one nation at a time and you might require to enter the network through a VPN if your country is off limit as the maintenance proceeds. XE88 already has a consummate software developer, cyber- experts and impeccable detection technologies to secure the website from anything that might alter the proper functioning of the website.

Beneficial Playing And Winning Tips

Most people who visit the casino have a topic in there at all time, which is ‘how do I win big’ The app of XE88 offers users the chance to play without cash and as a user, you can place your bet to acquire some money when you are quite confident about the game. Being a new website, the XE88 offers you an amazing betting chance and various gamblers have attested to have won bets on games offered on the XE88 website.

So, this is not the kind of online casino that was designed to only reap people of their income. Winning is very possible and everyone or anyone can win real money on the site. However, I recommend you take advantage of the free options to acquainted with the games before wagering or placing bets. After a thorough acquaintance with the game rules and how the game can be played then you can start placing bets.

However, another important thing you should also put in mind is deciding when to stop. Online gambling is too easy that you might risk spending a lot of money very quickly. It is very imperative to recognize by instinct if it is going to be a productive day or not for you.

Overall Assessment

XE88 Online Casino is a platform that I would surely recommend to a professional, or inexperienced or to any gambler. The interface is user-friendly for newcomers and still not overwhelming for the expert gamblers. To get started with XE88 is quite easy. All you need to do is to get either your machine or your mobile device, and then you can build an account by inputting a few information about yourself.

However, the drawback of XE88 is that it is quite limited to very few countries, and your country might be included. From other overall assessments, it is believed that Maxim88 is one of the most successful online casinos in Asia and the world at large. The Maxim88 online casino offers a large variety of games; all the games are of standard quality, the casino design and feature is attractive, the operation is perfect, and the security is top-notch.

Although Maxim88 online casino has little minor letdown and this doesn’t really alter any gaming experience, and if we were to rate the platform, we will give it a strong 4.9/5.0. Of course, nothing is perfect in this life, and 918Kiss has portrayed itself in the past to be able to constantly, rapidly improve and re-design the platform by various website maintenance and upgrades.

If you are done reading this post and you haven’t tried out Maxim88 before now, we advise and urge you to do so immediately because you are missing out on the great chance and opportunity to win amazing rewards and huge winnings.

To register a Maxim88 account is a very simple and easy procedure, specifically though a kid might be able to do it. It’ doesn’t take much of your time, not more than 5 minutes. The wide category of games would provide unrestricted exposure and experience for both permanent members and VIP members also.

You will need to confirm your rewards after you have made your first payment so that you can get free credits. The Maxim88 much preferable to the XE88 since Maxim88 already have al great track record for being arguably the best in the online casino gaming industry. You might want to take a look at it and enjoy the fun.

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